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The Bush – Clinton Dynasty

Posted by soldierservant on July 21, 2007

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A news item appeared in the Financial Times last Friday that received
little notice. However, the hidden story behind this report is much
deeper and more complex. The FT report stated: “John Mack, Morgan
Stanley’s chief executive, is to invite senior staff to a fundraiser
for Hillary Clinton on Monday [yesterday], in a pointed endorsement of
the Democratic presidential hopeful from an important backer of
President George W. Bush in 2004.

“Mrs. Clinton, a New York senator, is scheduled to appear at the
fundraiser on the 41st floor of Morgan Stanley’s headquarters in Times

“The minimum donation for the event is $1000 per person but Mr. Mack
urged those attending to give $4,600, the maximum for the 2008
presidential campaign.

“Mr. Mack surprised many on Wall Street in the spring when he said he
and his wife, Christy, would support Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 bid.”

John Mack is not the first Bush supporter to jump on the Hillary
bandwagon. Neither will he be the last.

That wealthy and influential supporters of G.W. Bush are now
supporting Hillary Clinton only surprises those who have not been
paying attention. For the rest of us, this is merely par for the

The Bushes and Clintons go way back. They have been fast friends for
decades. Only a closely guarded media cover up has hidden this fact
from the general public.

As you will recall, George H.W. Bush was President of the United
States while William Jefferson Clinton was Governor of Arkansas.
During this time, it was very common for the two families (along with
G.W. Bush and Laura) to vacation together. This is well-known to those
who are familiar with the two families.

Yet, the connection between the Bushes and Clintons is much deeper
than simple friendship. They share a deep socio-political alliance as

Remember that it was President Bill Clinton who first proposed what
came to be called the USA Patriot Act. Of course, he failed to
convince a GOP Congress to approve the measure. However, G.W. Bush
succeeded where Clinton failed. Remember, too, that it was President
Bill Clinton who gave us NAFTA, something G.W. Bush has not only
supported but expanded into the SPP and a burgeoning North American
Community. Furthermore, both Bush and Clinton are major players in the
push for amnesty for illegal aliens. And the list just goes on and on.

Face it folks: the Bushes and Clintons are political soul mates.
Therefore, why should it be surprising that many Bush supporters are
now working for the Hillary Clinton campaign?

To believe that the Bushes and Clintons are political and
philosophical opponents is the height of absurdity. Both have the
support and do the bidding of the international elite. Both families
are imbedded in secret societies and globalist agendas. And mark my
words, the Bushes will be working behind the scenes for a Hillary
victory in 2008.

I will even be so bold as to say that the Bushes and Clintons are as
close as America has gotten to a crime family dynasty. If you are
brave at heart, do a little personal research into the connection
between these two families and the CIA’s infamous “extra curricular”
C-130 flights to Central and South America originating in and out of
Mena, Arkansas back in the ’80’s and early ’90’s.

Barak Obama needs to pray he doesn’t get too close to the Democratic
nomination. And the American people need to pray for a “Great
Awakening,” because another four or eight years of the Bush-Clinton
dynasty might turn this once-great constitutional republic into just
another banana republic.

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