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Why Are So Many Churches Struggling?

Posted by soldierservant on July 17, 2007

This makes you think if any of these churches are divinely inspired at
all because if they were really doing God’s work you’d think God would
bless them. This was how Jerry Falwell’s ministry and school was. A family member of mine: their church is struggling financially too. They also suffer flood
damage from a lot of these floods we have been having in this area. Thank
God we haven’t suffered where we live here, which a lot of it is due to
living in a semi-elevated area. I never take God’s mercy for granted
because I see all those on the news who lose their homes or even their
lives to bad weather. We are somewhat vunerable since we are in a mobile
home. We had endured with no real problems even though there were times
we had hurricane force winds around 60-70 mph winds. Only some tore off
shingles ,but that was about it. One could say that it is just the
location but I think a lot has to do with prayer too. It is a shame that
some have to suffer tragedy in order to get right with God because if
they were they may not would’ve gone through all that. I know people use
the scripture about God causing it to rain on the wicked and the
just, but that is just rain, not storms, there is a difference. Whenever
scriptures speaks of storms it is never a good thing, it is usually
judgment of God. There are several scriptures that talk about God’s wrath
as a mighty whirlwind (torndoes and hurricanes).That is why nobody can
deny that Hurricane Katrina was judgment of God. Just like the islamic
strongholds as Indonesia that was wiped out by tsunamis. I remember when
I was staying at my grandmother’s I talked about the power of prayer
concerning weather and she used that same old arguement about God
raining on the just and the unjust then I asked her what the need to
pray for if that was the case. She coudn’t answer. If people are foolish
to believe the lies that it is God’s will to suffer then how dare they
pray for healing or anything because they are defying God’s will, so they
say. But back about my relative’s church, they have also suffered several
thefts (maybe that was God’s will, some teach that nothing happens
outside of God’s will). It was due to their lack of diligence so they
sort of brought it on themselves. All these churches remind of the story
of the foolish builder in the Bible where they start building a house
but can’t finish it and end up looking like a fool to their neighbors. That is why I never jump into anything unless I know I can
follow through. Just like I’d never rush into starting a family of my own
if I can’t afford it financially. I wouldn’t want to end up like some who
end up robbing a bank in order to pay for a child’s operation. Of course
there are the megachurches like Kenneth Copeland and Joel Olsteen but
those are compromisers that sold out. I have told Christians about Joel
Osteen, how he avoids the topics of homosexuality and abortion, which
should even offend these George Bush locksteppers, but then again there is no
figuring them out since they still support a president that has done
nothing to stop it. They talk like there was a whole lot of partial birth
abortions going on before they banned it. I don’t buy that. Now Bush is
continuing to fool them again by pretending to be against embryonic stem
cell research. This makes them feel good but is supericial only. Stopping
embryonic stem cell research does not stop abortion but idiots equate it
as that. Besides it is only taxes that are not funding it but it still is
going on. To these hypocrites they think that everything is all right as
long as our taxes are not supporting it. Wrong is wrong no matter whether
taxes are involved or not. I caught a little bit of Billy Graham’s speech
at his library commemoration ceremony on TBN and he said that he was
good friends with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton even before their
presidencies depite politics. You see he is trivializing evil as just
mere politics,so he is part of their evil. But maybe we need Hillary in
office in order to turn up the heat of persecution and expose the
false Christians for what they are, if she is really as bad as their paranoia makes her out to
be. According to their beliefs Hillary will shut down all the
churches. Maybe that should happen anyway since most of them are
abominations anyway. God doesn’t need these false churches. All these
locksteppers hate the UN but still support Bush who strongly loves the
UN. In fact a lot of what the religious right promotes I can’t find
biblical support for. Like their fight for public prayer, prayer in
schools and such. Jesus taught the opposite. He said for us to pray in
private and not publically as the hypocrites do. Most of the religious
right agenda is a pharisee agenda, not Christ agenda. I went to public
schools a few times but never whined about not being able to pray. There
is a right and wrong time for everything as well as a right or wrong way
of going about everything. That is the way of the hypocrites, wrong time, wrong way, wrong everything. They take everything out of context. Nobody
can stop you from praying if you say a prayer in your heart. That is why
this is such immature, foolish nonsense. I believe this is what the Bible
is talking about when it comes to disrespecting authority. These
hypocrites are strifemongers trying to impose their views on everyone. If
they push for these public prayers then it will apply to these false
religions too. This would be chaos because then each group will offend
the other and only cause problems. This has nothing to do with sharing
the gospel. All public prayers will do is just expose you as a
selfrighteous hypocrite which would hinder the true gospel. I believe
hypocrites bring most of the persecution on themselves because of their
strifeful fleshly ways. All I care is what the Bible says, not what some
neocon pseudochristians think. When persecution comes they will suffer
more greatly than I will because a lot of it will be God putting an end
to this foolishness. Where will these hypocrites turn to without their
vices such as church? It would either force them to get right with God or
to turn their back completely against God. There is so much worldly
secularism in the church. I hear some of the local talk radio shows here
to which most of the hosts claim to be christian. I see their true
fruits. I hear them talking about drinkng and going to the bars. Like a
recent law having to do with covering the drinks with lids to avoid the
drugs slipped into them for date rapes. Anyone in this worldly scene reap
what they sow. The heathens are perverts so what do you expect. If these
hypocrites are no different than the heathens they deserve the same
thing. If you are seeking love among perverts then of course you are
going to get raped. I’ve heard that it was the masonic agenda to dumb
down people and is it ever working. I can’t imagine anyone that can
sincerely think they are a christian when they get drunk and carouse
around. The love of the Father is not in them or they wouldn’t do such
things. If these shows are any indication of how the church really is
then the church is far more worse than I thought.

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