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Like All Leading Republicans, Fred Thompson Is Secretly Pro – Abortion

Posted by soldierservant on July 15, 2007

This link exposes Thompson’s true colors if you had any doubts about him. I figured he would be weak on abortion when he was wanting to pass the buck from being a federal issue to a state by state issue. If we do it on important matters like this then we are no longer the UNITED STATES but the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA. You also notice that he is like Bush that can’t give a direct answer on a direct question but dances
around the issue. Knowing most of the religious right they would probably support this
fool.What is also interesting is not just the article but also the responses. Most of the republicans are for abortion. There were only 2 out of about 20 that that opposed abortion. They really put the others on the spot. But this is an indication that this country is really done for. There is no amount of catastrophies that will change wicked hearts. Just look at the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Even after the wicked suffer plagues and
disasters none of them repent but instead curse God. We are seeing such wickedness now. These are the very same fools that think they can war against God and win. I believe even those who think they are christians will be among these wicked that try to war with God. Well this article settles it for me because I realize that Thompson is a complete
phoney. The bushies will probably love him. None of the candidates seem to really qualify for my vote. Even Mike Huckabee is lockstep on this iraq war.

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