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Billy Graham Endorsed Hillary Clinton For President!

Posted by soldierservant on July 15, 2007


by Dr. R. L. Hymers, Jr.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Speaking to thousands of people on the second night of his crusade in New York City, Billy Graham stood by the side of former President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary.  Graham said “Mrs. Clinton might make a good President.”  He called Bill Clinton and his wife “wonderful friends” and “a great couple.”  Graham said that the former President “should become an evangelist and allow his wife to run the country.”

After being endorsed by Graham, Hillary gave a “testimony” and former President Bill Clinton praised Graham for integrating his crusades in the late 1950’s.

So, Billy Graham thinks that Bill Clinton should become an evangelist – and Hillary should be President!  This is the latest tomfoolery from Graham.  In the early 1980’s he said there was no religious persecution under Communism in the Soviet Union.  On a Larry King program a few years ago he said that people could be saved through other world religions without Christ.  This was repeated on Robert Schuller’s television program.  Now Billy Graham tells us that Bill Clinton should enter the field of evangelism and “Hillary might make a good President.”  Many people will be deceived by Graham’s statement. 

But the worst part of Billy Graham’s evangelism is his “decisionism.”  Decisional evangelism, since the time of Charles Finney, has brought hundreds of thousands of people into the churches in an unconverted state.  Decisional evangelism is responsible for the apostasy in the Congregational Church, the Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church, and the various major Baptist denominations.  Click here to read Dr. John S. Waldrip’s article, “How I Was Confronted with Decisionism,” and my sermons, “Natural Men Do Not Want the Gospel,”We Are Against Decisionism – In Both its Main Forms,” and “Superficial Decisionism and True Revival Contrasted.”   To understand how Finney ruined evangelism, subsequently followed by all evangelists, order a copy of my carefully documented book, “Today’s Apostasy,” by phoning (818)352-0452 (the above column is based on an article taken from Newsmax, 6/26/05).  

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