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Religious Right Lying To Christians By Claiming That Pro – Life Progress Has Been made

Posted by soldierservant on June 26, 2007

 You see, I knew this would happen. These hypocrites are so predictable. They act as though this bogus legislation is actually saving the lives of he unborn. Those that believe this nonsense are given over to a reprobate mind. Nothing could be more wicked than defending the slaughter of the unborn and pretend that it is not happening. See below:Dear Christian,

On Wednesday, Faith and Action and our pro-life outreach, the National Pro-Life Action Center, as well as all of the pro-life movement scored a resounding victory when President Bush vetoed legislation that would have allowed your tax dollars to be used for experimentation on human embryos.

For almost 2 years, Faith and Action has led the fight against sacrificing human embryos for scientific research.

We repeatedly reached out to elected officials, conducting three symposia on Capitol Hill for congressional and White House staff to help dispel the myths surrounding embryonic stem cell research.

While we did not lobby for or against any particular piece of legislation, we worked diligently to inform the consciences of members of Congress as well as to defend the sanctity of all human life. While some chose to ignore our message, others certainly listened.

As a result of our labors, my twin brother Paul, who heads up our National Pro-Life Action Center project, received a personal invitation to attend the veto signing. I was happy to hear Paul’s report to me that President Bush repeated our very words upholding the sanctity of human life. In fact, after the ceremony the president personally thanked Paul for our efforts on Capitol Hill to defend life.

To see a news report of the Presidential Veto Signing, please click here for part 1 and click here for part 2.

Friends, I know whatever we accomplish is directly the result of your prayers and generous support for our work at Faith and Action. Therefore, I have a message for you:

Your voice has been heard in Washington!

Unfortunately, the fight is not over. We still desperately need your help.

Those who support the destruction of human life have sworn to continue to fight to use your tax dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research. We need to reach more members of Congress and challenge them to protect life.

We must answer the Divine call to stand up for the weakest members of our society. At this very moment, we are preparing for an urgent panel discussion on Capitol Hill, where we will bring in experts to reveal the ethical problems of embryonic stem cell research.

But we need your help. Our costs for this pivotal presentation will be at least $3,500. Without your assistance, we simply can’t afford to do this outreach. If all of our partners, however, will give just $25.00, we will have sufficient revenue to continue our fight for life.

Only $25.00 can help us carry on the fight to remind our public policy makers of the dignity of human life. Your gift can help us all accomplish our goal of protecting the most vulnerable members of our society—the pre-born.

Please prayerfully consider supporting us in our missionary work to spread the Gospel of Life here on Capitol Hill by making a contribution right now.

To make a contribution to Faith and Action and our National Pro-Life Action Center, please click here. Thank you for your gift. Thank you for making a difference.

Yours for LIFE,

Rev. Rob Schenck Rev. Schenck’s Blog

PS: Please help us protect the sanctity of ALL human life by making a $25.00 contribution to Faith and Action. To do so please click here. Thank you again.

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