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David Barton Deceives Christians On TBN

Posted by soldierservant on June 21, 2007

He has a show on TBN called THE AMERICAN HERITAGE SERIES. He is one of
these typical promoters of our country’s roots as being strictly all
christian. I think he is just another heretic. It is the likes of him that
my family gets caught up in all this americanism idolatry. He doesn’t
seem to acknowledge any evil of the past.This proves he is a liar. Of
course you know the locksteppers will say that is leftist propaganda.No
it isn’t.Their angle is a lie of a different nature.Their propaganda
portrays the founders as homosexuals,drunks,or child molesters.Or just
saying that they were secularists, which is a total lie.There is no
doubt they were religious,but what kind of religious.Ones like David
Barton says our founders were all christians because they used God in
many references.These idiots are not even paying attention to how God is
being used.Like references to nature’s God.That is not refering to our
christian God.There is no doubt that the enemy has suceeded in dumbing
down this nation.Any crackpot that distorts the past can get away with
it when most people know nothing of our history and is why these liars
go unchallenged.I had just written him about this nation’s occultic past
and so it will be interesting if he has any response because I pretty
much put him on the spot.He may very well be one of the religious cults
trying to spread these lies about the past.You can see what this is
doing,can’t you?This propaganda gets all these lukewarm christians in
there comfort zone and in a false sense of security,making them think
that we are such a blessed nation when it is the opposite.If nobody is
alarmed about the past or the present then this keeps the church
asleep.The church will never repent with the likes of this because they
think they are alright. All this talk about what a blessed nation we are
gives the false message that we can do no wrong and no need to
repent. This is such arrogance. I repent all the time because I am only
human and want to make sure I am in right standing with God,working it
out through fear and trembling. Anyone that is smug and complacent in
their relationship with God is proof that they are not right with God. It
is also said that if the enemy isn’t tempting you it is because he
already has you,or that you pose no threat to him. Either way such is a
spiriually ineffective person. If you want to write him yourself you can
just look up his name on a search or just go to

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