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Bush Actions Advance Homosexual Agenda

Posted by soldierservant on June 10, 2007

From: Ken Connor, President To: Friends of Family Research Council

President Bush has shown inspirational leadership in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks. He has united and rallied the country, and he is forging an international alliance against the scourge of terrorism. While the nation’s attention understandably is focused on the war against terrorism and the effects of the dastardly attacks, pro-family advocates must remain alert to a disturbing trend we have identified in the Bush administration.

We’re all familiar with celebrity product endorsements. Having Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan or Cal Ripken Jr. endorse a product is enormously powerful. President Bush’s implicit endorsement of the homosexual political agenda is having the same effect. The president’s actions, tantamount to an endorsement, are imparting legitimacy to the homosexual political cause.

Yesterday, for example, I reported how for the first time Congress voted to allow publicly funded homosexual partner benefits in the District of Columbia. Why was the nine-year ban on DC gay partner benefits lifted? We lost this vote because 41 Republicans bolted to join 184 Democrats. Doubtless some of these GOP defectors took a cue from the White House, which has been sending clear signals that the administration has embraced significant portions of the homosexual agenda. Consider Mr. Bush’s record on the issue:

* As a candidate, Mr. Bush met with the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of homosexual activists. Two of the six activists he met with have since been given high-level jobs in the administration.

* The Bush campaign insisted that openly homosexual Congressman Jim Kolbe of Arizona be given a prominent speaking role at the Republican National Convention. It was Rep. Kolbe who introduced the amendment lifting the ban on gay partner benefits in DC despite a bipartisan agreement that such controversial measures would not be introduced while the nation was still reeling from the September 11 terrorist attacks.

* President Bush named former Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci, a militant advocate of homosexual rights, as U.S. ambassador to Canada. For years, pro-family advocates in Massachusetts fought to block Gov. Cellucci’s promotion of the homosexual agenda in the state’s public schools.

* President Bush named Scott Evertz, a prominent gay activist, to head the White House AIDS Office. Mr. Evertz, who has almost no experience dealing with public health issues, was one of the Log Cabin Republicans who met with Mr. Bush during the campaign.

* In August, another of the activists who attended that meeting, Donald A. Cappoccia, was appointed to the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts, which among other things has authority over monuments and memorials in Washington.

* And just a week ago, Secretary of State Colin Powell swore in as U.S. Ambassador to Romania openly homosexual foreign service officer Michael Guest. Secretary Powell recognized Mr. Guest’s “partner” of six years, Alex Nevarez, who was on stage for the ceremony and who reportedly will live with the ambassador in the official U.S. residence in Bucharest. (Is this the Bush administration’s idea of promoting family values abroad?) A spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual lobbying group, said, “It is heartwarming to hear the secretary acknowledge [Mr. Guest’s] entire family, including his partner. That small gesture spoke volumes.”

Indeed, such actions do speak volumes. While the president’s rhetoric and proclamations about the importance of family are welcomed, and we have praised him for them, his actions in this area speak at least as loudly as his words. There seems to be a disturbing disconnection between Mr. Bush’s rhetoric on behalf of the family and the reality of the agenda occurring under his administration. Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action.

The administration’s promotion of the homosexual agenda is part of a political strategy being run out of the White House chiefly by Mary Matalin, wife of Democrat strategist James Carville, and a founder of the pro-homosexual Republican Unity Coalition. Activists such as Ms. Matalin worked behind the scenes at the Republican Convention to remove the strong pro-family planks from the GOP platform. Only the vigilance and hard work of FRC and other pro-family organizations in Philadelphia stopped the “big tent” advocates from using the GOP platform as a vehicle for advancing the radical homosexual agenda.

The cumulative effect of these presidential actions, like a sports superstar endorsing a breakfast cereal, have enormous influence. Giving the government’s stamp of approval to “gay partners” undermines the unique character of marriage and makes it progressively harder to hold the line against demands that we extend legal recognition to same-sex unions as the equivalent of marriage. The homosexual lobby understands this perfectly. Pro-family advocates need to be no less politically savvy.

We urge President Bush to reconsider his embrace of this destructive, anti-family political strategy, and reject the advice of those advisers who would undermine marriage and family for the sake of illusory political benefits.

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