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Ron Paul, Not Mitt Romney, Won First GOP Debate

Posted by soldierservant on May 8, 2007

According to this Ron Paul won the debates,not Romney or those other two
losers. If Ron Paul can make it to the ticket and not snuffed out by the
other hypocrites then he has my vote.He is like a reformer to this dried
up and useless party.I guess we just have to hope and pray that he has a
chance. He is not a party hack like all the rest.He would be the only reason I would vote. The rest can go to hell (which I know they eventually will). I guess you’ve heard that the soldiers are now suffering a lot of mental illness due to this war,which proves its evil fruit. All these military people are suicidal to want to get involved in this war. There must be some kind of mind control for there to be so much abandonment of common sense.

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No less than ten Republican hopefuls in the 2008 White House race
participated in the first national GOP debate last Thursday, May 3. Even
before the 90-minute debate had concluded, media pundits were declaring that
former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had won.

Even my friend, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough wrote, “During the debate I was
flooded by e-mails from Republican activists and voters who told me Romney
was dominating the debate.” Scarborough went on to say, “Among those Red
State Republicans (who will elect their party’s next nominee), Mitt Romney
won while McCain and Giuliani failed to meet expectations.”

As with most political pundits, the entire focus of the debate centered on
only three contenders: Arizona Senator John McCain, former New York City
Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Romney. In fact, in his post-debate summary,
Scarborough’s only reference to anyone other than these three names was a
fleeting mention of the “Sam Brownbacks of the world.”

Yet, when one looks at MSNBC’s own poll, a much different picture emerges.
According to this poll, there was a clear winner alright, but his name was
not McCain, Giuliani, or Romney. It was Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Consider the before and after polls, as they appear on MSNBC’s web site. See
it at:

The after-debate poll numbers for six of the “lesser” contenders were almost
identical to the before-debate numbers. Almost identical. I’m speaking of
Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and
Tommy Thompson. It is safe to say, that none of these men obtained any
significant support as a result of their debate performance. However, the
same is not true for Ron Paul.

Before the debate, Paul’s polling numbers had a negative rating of 47%. His
neutral number was 44%, and his positive number was a paltry 9%.

Compare those numbers with those of the three media favorites, McCain,
Giuliani, and Romney.

John McCain’s pre-debate polling numbers included a negative rating of 40%.
His neutral number was 29%, and his positive rating was 31%. Rudy Giuliani’s
pre-debate poll numbers included a negative rating of 34%, a neutral rating
of 25%, and a positive rating of 41%. Mitt Romney’s pre-debate negative
number stood at 41%. His neutral number was 31%, and his positive number
stood at 28%.

Obvious to just about anyone is that Rudy Giuliani took a commanding lead
into the first GOP debate. His positive number eclipsed his closest rival by
more than ten percentage points.

However, everything changed immediately following the debate. Giuliani’s
positive number fell from 41% to a pitiful 24%. His negative number rose
from 34% to 42%. And his neutral number rose from 25% to 34%. Clearly, Rudy
Giuliani lost a lot of support in that first debate.

What about John McCain? Once again, his debate performance did not help his
campaign. In this regard, Joe Scarborough has it right.

McCain’s positive rating fell from a pre-debate high of 31% to a post-debate
low of 19%. His neutral rating jumped from 29% to 37%.

Remember, media pundits seem to agree that Mitt Romney was the big debate
winner. So, how do his numbers stack up?

Romney’s post-debate positive rating DROPPED from a pre-debate high of 28%
to 27%. His negative number also fell slightly from 41% to 37%. And Romney’s
neutral number rose from 31% to 36%. I ask you, Do those numbers reflect
victory? I think not.

Compare the numbers of McCain, Giuliani, and Romney to those of Ron Paul’s.
Remember, before the debate, Paul scored a dismal 9% positive score. But
after the debate, Paul’s positive score skyrocketed to an astounding 38%. In
other words, Ron Paul’s positive number is eleven percentage points higher
than his closest rival. Paul’s negative number went from a pre-debate high
of 47% to a post-debate low of 26%. His neutral number also dropped
significantly from 44% to 36%.

Without question or reservation, Ron Paul was the clear and obvious winner
of the first GOP debate, at least according to the more than eighty-four
thousand respondents (at the time of this writing) who took the MSNBC online

Which leads to another question: Are the media elite watching the same
debate that the rest of us are watching or are they looking at something
else? I think they are looking at something else. And that something else is

They see only the GOP’s “Big Three” as having the potential to raise $50
million-plus for their respective presidential campaigns. That means, in
their minds, all others are also-rans who have no chance to win and are
therefore ignored. And let’s face it folks, when it comes to Washington
politics, there are only three considerations that even register with
big-media: money, money, and money.

However, make no mistake about it: Ron Paul clearly and convincingly won the
first GOP debate. It would be nice if someone in the mainstream media would
acknowledge that fact.

In addition, someone in the mainstream media should ask why Ron Paul did so
well in post-debate polling, because I predict that Paul’s upcoming
performance in South Carolina on May 15 will be equally spectacular. He may
even emerge from that debate as a serious challenger for the nomination. I
personally hope he does.

Ron Paul is the only candidate on the Republican ticket who would seriously
challenge the status quo of the neocons currently running our country into
the ground. He has a voting record unlike anyone in Congress.

As has been reported by many, Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes, has
never voted for an unbalanced budget, has never voted for a federal
registration on gun ownership, has never voted to raise congressional pay,
has never taken a government-paid junket, and has never voted to increase
the power of the executive branch of the federal government. Furthermore, he
voted against the Patriot Act and was one of only a handful of congressmen
that voted against the Iraq War.

Furthermore, it was Ron Paul who introduced the Sanctity of Human Life bill
in Congress, which, had it passed, would have granted federal protection to
every unborn child and would have nullified Roe v Wade. In addition, Ron
Paul is one of the biggest opponents to Bush’s push to integrate the United
States into a trilateral North American Community. Ron Paul also supports
ending the Income Tax and dismantling the Internal Revenue Service. In
short, Ron Paul is big-government’s worst nightmare.

All of the above became obvious to voters during the six-plus minutes that
Ron Paul had the national spotlight. That is why his poll numbers surged
following the debate. Imagine what could happen if Paul is given more time
to articulate his constitutionalist agenda. He could win more than the
debate–he could win the election.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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The Bush – Clinton Parallel: Candidates Running AWAY FROM Bush

Posted by soldierservant on May 7, 2007

Like this article says,  Bush is lower in the polls than ever. He is almost paralleling Clinton in every way. Remember before the 2000 election those that Clinton campaigned for had hurt their chances for election because it was of his own unpopularity? Well the same thing is happening now with Bush. Whoever he campaigns for now hurts their chances because of his unpopularity. Most of the Republican candidates in the debate made references to Reagan, not Bush (not that these candidates are even anything like Reagan). They are ashamed of Bush but yet they can’t come out and admit it. Reagan may have been the best president in recent times but he was no saint either. I heard he had destroyed our own country’s farming industry as well as perpetuate the illegal invasion. These policies on illegals go way back to 1965 that was started by the Kennedys. All these hypocritical republicans talk about how their ideals differ from the left but yet they keep supporting their enemy’s ideals.This is why politics is so futile.You either get a liberal that
claims to be or a liberal that pretends not to be. There are hardly any true conservative politicians left.They always keep pretend like they are going to do away with taxes or give us the flat tax but never do. I am always getting political surveys from the republican party in which some of the questions are loaded questions, but I still give my true
feelings where they have a place for comments. But most of the questions are stupid obvious questions that they know where I stand on but yet get several of the same thing so I think it is a scam. If republicans are not a part of the solution then they are part of the problem.

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Who Is Still Supporting George Bush At This Point?

Posted by soldierservant on May 7, 2007

See this link: What I have to ask is this: who are these people who still support him and why? What is the basis for his support? Christianity? Not according to this link! It is a mystery; maybe some of you can clue me in.

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Dear Fellow Christians, Please Wake Up!

Posted by soldierservant on May 4, 2007

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I suppose there was a time in American politics when there was a significant
difference between conservatives and liberals, between Republicans and
Democrats, and between Christians and unbelievers. However, with only
limited exceptions, that time has largely gone. When it comes to the salient
issues that are currently waging war against America’s future survival, it
is extremely difficult to distinguish those differences.

If one removes the issues of abortion and gay rights from the debate, there
is precious little that distinguishes the modern Christian conservative from
his liberal counterpart.

Federal spending sure doesn’t apply. President George W. Bush and his fellow
“conservative” Republicans have the dubious distinction of outspending
practically every administration and Congress during the entire 20th
century. Only the Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson administrations
compare to the insatiable spending habits of the current administration.

Then there is the illegal alien invasion currently taking place in America.
What was virtually nonexistent twenty years ago and only a minor nuisance
before Bush was elected President has now become a full-fledged assault that
threatens our country’s very survival. And remember, the Republican Party
controlled the entire federal government during the six years that the bulk
of this invasion was taking place. And, except for a few conservative
congressmen (mostly in the House of Representatives), not only did they do
nothing to stop it, they sat back and watched as President Bush actively
encouraged and facilitated it, something he is doing to this very day.

Then there is the obsequious manner in which our national Christian leaders
treat “big-name” Republican presidential contenders. This is especially
disconcerting when one considers that many of these contenders are people
with very dubious track records: either bitterly betraying conservative
principles or, in some cases, openly subscribing to positions that are
downright antithetical to those principles.

For example, conservatism does not have a worse Judas turncoat than Newt
Gingrich. His track record as Speaker of the House is more than dismal. Just
talk to any of the members of the House freshman class of 1995. Ask Joe
Scarborough. Ask Steve Largent. Ask Bob Barr. Ask them if Newt Gingrich is a

They would, no doubt, remind you that it was Newt Gingrich who used the
power of the Speaker’s office to rush GATT and the WTO through a lame-duck
session of Congress before the more conservative ’95 freshman class arrived
on Capitol Hill, because he knew they would derail passage of these two
draconian pieces of legislation.

I’m sure they would also remind you that one of the first things Gingrich
did after being elected to Congress in 1978 was support the creation of the
Department of Education, and Most Favored Nation trade status for Red China.
They would also remind you that Newt Gingrich voted for taxpayer dollars to
be used to facilitate trade with the communist Chinese.

Furthermore, does anyone need to be reminded that Newt Gingrich is a member
of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is nothing more than a
cabal of elitists dedicated to the promotion of global government?

Gingrich proved himself to be such a Judas that he had to resign or face
ouster by the very conservatives he professed to lead. And if one wants
further testimony regarding Gingrich’s infidelity, ask his first two wives.

Yet, Newt Gingrich is being lauded and cheered as a “true American
statesman,” to quote one national Christian leader. That leader also said,
“Mr. Gingrich is certainly one of the brightest men I know in public life
today, and he is becoming one of our great ambassadors for reawakening the
spirit of our Founders.”

Then there is Rudy Giuliani. The same Christian leader who lavished praise
upon Newt Gingrich recently wrote this about Rudy Giuliani: “I personally
have great respect for Mr. Giuliani in terms of his leadership in law and
order and national defense issues. In these areas, I believe he would be a
potentially great president.”

This seems to suggest that if Giuliani could just convince us that he is now
genuinely “pro-life” and “pro-family,” we Christian conservatives should
support him. But is that really all there is that qualifies a candidate for
President? Would Giuliani truly be a “potentially great president” when it
comes to “law and order” issues?

Are we supposed to forget that Rudy Giuliani has been one of the most
outspoken proponents of gun control in the entire country? Does it not
matter that for years Giuliani used the power of his office to disarm honest
American citizens and trample the Second Amendment?

For example, Gun Owners of America has this to say about Rudy Giuliani’s
track record on gun control: “[T]he record shows that the Mayor continually
tried to export his gun control agenda to the rest of the nation.

“In 1993, before even being sworn in as mayor, Giuliani met with
then-President Clinton at the White House to discuss national gun
registration. Giuliani supported the Brady bill, which had recently passed,
but argued that it didn’t go far enough.

“The President, largely crediting Giuliani for the idea, enthusiastically
sent Attorney General Janet Reno off to develop a gun licensing and
registration system . . . .

“In May of 1994, as the battle over the ban on certain semi-automatic
firearms reached its height, Giuliani threw his support behind the ban. On
the eve of the final vote, he noted that so-called assault weapons ‘have no
legitimate purpose.’

“When the ban passed, Giuliani commented that, ‘This is an important step
towards curtailing the indiscriminate proliferation of guns across the

Is this the kind of “law and order” that Christian conservatives expect from
their elected leaders today? If so, they should throw away the Bill of
Rights and embrace the Communist Manifesto, because the latter more closely
mirrors Giuliani’s brand of law and order.

Dear fellow Christians, please wake up! Gun control is not a secondary
issue. Runaway, out-of-control federal spending is not a secondary issue.
The invasion of America by millions of illegal aliens is not a secondary
issue. The creation of a North American Community, which integrates the
governments of Mexico, Canada, and the United States, is not a secondary
issue. The NAFTA superhighway currently being constructed is not a secondary
issue. The abuse of our Bill of Rights under the Patriot Act is not a
secondary issue. The blatant disregard for constitutional government by our
elected leaders is not a secondary issue.

There is more to a candidate’s qualification for public office than his or
her opposition to abortion and gay marriage. Are we really so shallow and
undiscerning that we cannot see what our political and corporate leaders are
doing to our country? Do we not recognize evil when we see it? Do we really
think that we can ignore these issues and not pay the consequences?

We are in desperate need of leaders who will distinguish themselves as
standing foursquare on the fundamental principles upon which America was
founded. We need leaders who will respect the U.S. Constitution and who will
aggressively stop the invasion taking place across our southern border. We
need leaders who will rein in federal spending and reduce the size and scope
of the federal government. We need leaders who will refuse to allow the
United States to be integrated into a North American Community of any kind.

And most of all, we need Christian conservatives to wake up to what is going
on in this country, and to stop trying to grovel before the neocons in the
Republican Party, and to start acting like real conservatives again.

(c) Chuck Baldwin


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No More Republicans For Me!

Posted by soldierservant on May 4, 2007

I’ve heard a little bit about the republican debates and it went as predicted. Any hope for the good ones like Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo was way down and guess who was at the top? None other than that charlatan Mitt Romney. So the way this is going no more republicans for me.

All the locksteppers think that Hillary doesn’t stand a chance of winning. That was what I had thought about Bill before he got reelected. I think the Bushes and the Clintons have made deals with each other and will try to continue their dynasties. It is the old good cop, bad cop routine. With the choices that there are now I don’t think there will be much voter turnout. The way it is going it’ll be Hillary for two terms then Jeb Bush for two terms, and on and on. The ones that try to tell us to vote for the lesser of evils are fearmongers and trying to put everyone in fear. God did not give us a spirit of fear so you know what spirit they are of. Since we know we are now living in a dictatorship there is no point in voting.

I get a kick out of the hypocrites that say that the Iraqis can now vote. Wow, they can vote for a lesser evil now too. One throat cutting terrorist or another throat cutting terrorist. What in the world do these idiots think is so noble about that?These brainwashed buffoons don’t even know what they are dying for.

I get so sick of yet another horrible misinterpretation of scripture using Jesus words about no greater love does a man have than he lay down his life for his friends.When Jesus went to the cross to be crucified he didn’t have an automatic in his hand. Those are two quite different things. Of course there is a time to fight when the objectives are clear. This war is a mess just like Vietnam.

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Abortion Record: George Bush Versus Bill Clinton – THE SAME!

Posted by soldierservant on May 4, 2007

See this link. by Neal Horsley (Christian Gallery News Service, October 21, 2004) 

Recently a Christian, Father Peter West, submitted a list of President George W. Bush’s pro-life accomplishments over the last four years.  His purpose was to demonstrate why people who care about unborn babies should vote for George W. Bush rather than
John Kerry for President.  Father West explained, “I started to compile this list shortly after the President was inaugurated after hearing from many, who consider themselves pro-life, that Bush was not really pro-life. I disagreed and began compiling this list. I had no idea when I started that it would be so long.”  And it is a very long list.  Depending on how you organize the items, you will find upwards of 249 things that Father Peter West says proves President George W. Bush is a pro-life person.  Here is why I was moved to write this response to Father West’s list: I compared the list submitted by Father West with a list of accomplishments made by President Bill Clinton during his eight years in office and that comparison leads to an incontrovertible conclusion that sheds much light on the present condition of life in America: 

Both President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush were responsible for saving exactly the same number of unborn babies from legalized slaughter: Zero.  [Click here and you can see Fr. Peter West’s list.]  There was no need to post a corresponding list of Bill Clinton’s because there were no items comparable to those compiled by Father West.  But therein lies the real point of this article.  While there are no bullet items proving Bill Clinton’s attempts to do things that the pro-life community would list as positive accomplishments, and while there are literally hundreds of things that George W. Bush has done that the pro-life community can use as evidence that George W. Bush is pro-life, the actions of neither man can be proven to have saved one unborn baby from death. Can you feel the chilling consequences created by that one incontrovertible fact? That one fact offers evidence demonstrating that the present political process in the USA is a sham. 

Both the pro-abortion movement and the pro-life movement are engaged in a debate that has become an end in itself.  In other words, the only thing that is actually being accomplished in the political debate about abortion is the debate itself.  Words abound but no babies are being delivered from unjust slaughter. And that has been the consistent story in the political realm for over 31 years since Roe v. Wade. Actually the present political process is more than a mere sham; the political process in the USA is also a baby sitter for the American people.  The politic al process, instead of being an instrument of change in this nation, has become a tool, like the television sets that bring the politic
al process to view, to give the kids something to do while the grownups are at work.  Even though much t alk is accomplished in politics, virtu ally nothing has changed in the
USA for decades—except the fear of death has grown. Leg alized abortion is both a proof and an example of how the political process has been turned into a babysitter’s best friend when the kids are uneasy and prone to discontent.  For over three decades millions of people in this nation have claimed that small human beings were legally being ripped apart on a daily basis.  The politic al process has responded by developing two clearly defined opposing camps: the pro-life and the pro-choice.  Politicians have been raised up by the two camps to participate in the political debate.  And while that has been going on, the political process has not saved one human being from being slaughtered.   That is not to say that no human beings have been saved, but they were not saved by the present political process.  During that three decades there were groups and individu
als who actually did things that delivered babies who were scheduled to die from their appointment with death.  (Most of those babies are with us today.  There are not many of them but I have had the opportunity to hear from some of them and they are glad to be
alive.)  Sadly, most of the groups and individuals who actually saved babies from being slaughtered have given up their work, been put in prison, or killed.  While there are still a few, isolated people scattered across the nation trying to intervene to stop mothers from killing their babies, the rest of us have settled on the political process as the way we fulfill our obligations to God and to the unborn babies. Why do we do this?  It is obvious why the pro-choice people invest themselves heavily into political action: they get what they want—“free” and “legal” and unrestricted abortion; millions each year.  What is not so obvious is why people like Father Peter West who claim to want to stop unborn babies from being butchered continue to admonish people to look to the political process for relief. While youth and inexperience might explain the actions of many, the actions of men like Father Peter West are strange to say the least.  He is old enough to have remembered the Presidency of Ronald Reagan nearly twenty years ago.  At that time there were people who created exact replicas of the list West created for George W. Bush.  At that time such lists made sense.  At that time there was a reasonable basis for believing that a pro-life President would actually do things that had the power to save the lives of unborn babies. But time and experience proved that hope to be an illusion.  Even though the President was a “Christian,”  was “Pro-life”, the President did nothing to save one, single unborn baby from being legally butchered like a trash fish nobody wanted to eat.  The experience was compounded by George H.W. Bush, the next “Christian,” “Pro-life” President, the father of the present President. Now we have had four more years of Bush the younger and we have yet to see one human being among us who has been delivered from slaughter by anything any of these “Christian” “Pro-life” Presidents has accomplished. Yet men like Father Peter West and all the pastors and teachers like him teach us to look to the present political process for some kind of “solution.”  With fathers like that there is no wonder that millions of God’s children are left to be legally butchered with nothing on the horizon that can deliver them from such unjust slaughter.  Such “fathers” are false fathers and have nothing to do with the true fathers of the church. WHAT THE TRUE FATHERS MUST SAY The true fathers of the church will be telling you that when we stand by and allow unborn babies to be slaughtered we are liter
ally standing by and allowing the Body of Christ to be ripped apart member by member. When the Lord Jesus Christ said, “As ye did it unto the least of these, ye did it unto me…” He was not using either a figure of speech or an exaggeration.  Those who obey the Lord Jesus Christ obey Him because they are literally members of His Body.  Only members of the Body of Christ will obey the Lord Jesus Christ, all others are in bondage to Satan who holds the whole world in bondage—except for those who are in the
Body of Christ. Except for those woeful few people around the nation and the world actively trying to intervene to stop people from killing unborn babies, neither Catholic nor Protestant Christians understand nor act like unborn babies are members of the Body of Christ.  But they are.  In fact, either the least of God’s children—unborn babies–are in the Body of Christ–members of the Body of Christ–or He has no members at all anywhere.  

The Apostle Paul tells us how to tell those who are members of the Body of Christ from those who are not.  He said, Colossians “18Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind, 19And not holding the Head, from which
all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God.”

By not “holding the Head” we prove we are not members of the Body.  We “hold the Head” when we let the Head guide us inall that we do.Unborn babies are the Lord’s own example of what people look like who are “holding the Head.”  Matthew 18:3: 3And [Jesus] said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. 4Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” What the Lord Jesus Christ meant in the verse above when he said “humble” was the unthinking obedience and trust that a young child must by nature give to its caregiver.  Young children, especially very young children, can do nothing except rely on their caregivers to take care of them.  The youngest of children, those yet unborn in their mother’s womb, are a perfect example of unthinking obedience and humble trust in their caregiver.  They literally provide us with a perfect example of the kind of obedience to the Head that is the evidence that one is a member of the  Body joined to the Head.  That is why the Lord Jesus Christ used them as examples of the people who are in the kingdom of heaven, as examples of people who make up the Body of Christ. Next to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, unborn babies are the best example of perfect human obedience to God.  Unborn babies do nothing except obey the will of God.  Unless you or I or someone like us intervenes and kills them, unborn babies will do nothing except what God wills for them to do.  The Lord Jesus Christ makes it clear that only those who obey the Head are members of His Body.  Insofar as they are allowed by their mother and others around them, unborn babies obey the Head. That obedience demonstrated by unborn babies proves they are members of the Body of Christ.  For this reason, when the Lord said “as ye did it unto the least of these, ye did it unto me” He was literally talking about members of His actual physical body. But we have men who claim to be “Fathers” in the church who are wandering the country, occupying pulpits and seminary classrooms all across this country, who are no more qualified to be a “Father” in the church than the most deviant and derelict reprobate among us.  How do I know this?  Such “Christian” men who claim to the “Fathers” are surrounded by God’s children being legally slaughtered around them every day that passes and all they talk about is participating in a political process that has proven for over three decades to be designed to be a babysitter while the dismembering of the Body of Christ continues legally unabated in this nation. My God!  How long can this go on?  How long can the political process of the United States of America continue to be nothing more than a babysitter designed to give the “Christian” “Pro-life” people the illusion of obedience to God while Satan runs free in this nation, devouring the Lord Jesus Christ in bits and pieces as Satan relentlessly maneuvers mothers to sacrifice their unborn babies as tribute to Satan?  How long will we continue to ignore the fact that
all we are giving the Lord Jesus Christ is lip service while His priorities and His Law is contravened each day that passes?  How long will we allow confused and self-serving men like Father Peter West and the myriad faux-fathers like him to lull us into active collaboration with this political process that has turned us all into impotent accessories to the legalized slaughter of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself? The blatant hypocrisy we are involved in becomes clearer each day.  If the Supreme Court had decreed that any person who felt inconvenienced by a person with a name corresponding to a point on the compass like North, South, East or West could be legally killed with impunity, then you and I both know that Father Peter West and all the other compass point people in this nation would have long ago begun to suggest that the present political process is inadequate to supply the solution they need.  And there is no doubt in my mind that men like Father West would be hurrying to teach us about the consequences to the Body of Christ created when the governments of this world legalize the unjust slaughter of compass point people who are doing their best to “hold to the Head.” 

Isn’t it time you quit listening to such faux-fathers and started looking for the real fathers in the church.  If you ever feel a need to protect the Body of Christ, this is the place to learn how. Return to Christian Gallery News Service

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More Proof That Our Government Is Evil: Ramadan Over Christianity

Posted by soldierservant on May 4, 2007

This Sunday is National Ten Commandments Day! Thousands of pastors across the country will preach on the Great Words of Sinai–the timeless truths penned by the finger of God Himself!

I’ll preach on this theme myself during a visit to the dynamic Christian Life Center in Layton, Utah. During the service there, Pastor Mike Crowder and I will present Utah’s U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch with a beautiful sculpture of the Commandments for display in his office on Capitol Hill.

While celebrating this special day, all of us at Faith and Action have also quietly prepared for a surprise attack on the growing secularist spirit in our nation by bombarding the U.S. Postal Service with petitions for a Ten Commandments postage stamp!

As you know, the Supreme Court has severely limited the public display of the Commandments. But by putting them on a U.S. Postage stamp, millions of people will be reminded of God’s moral law–and how far short we fall from it!

Thus far the Postmaster General’s office has said no to any Ten Commandments commemorative stamp because it is “religious.” Yet, that very same Postmaster General’s office has said yes to two stamps celebrating Muslim religious holy days.

So it’s NO to the Ten Commandments, honoring our Judeo-Christian heritage, and YES to Ramadan, honoring a Muslim holiday. Why can’t they recognize the Ten Commandments?

I am outraged by this discrimination against the Ten Commandments–the moral foundation of our nation. And I believe you are, too.

So, this coming Tuesday, May 8, I will take tens of thousands of petitions with me to a news conference in front of the U.S. Postmaster General’s office asking the Postal Commission to produce a stamp honoring the Ten Commandments.

As you may know, we’ve already collected many petitions, but we need more! Our goal is to recruit 5000 additional petitions over the next five days. We want to be your voice to the Postmaster General.


And please, take the time to forward this E-mail to your family, friends and fellow church members–NOW! There is no time to waste!

Remember, we already have two stamps commemorating Muslim religious celebrations. It’s time for a stamp honoring the bedrock of American law—the Ten Commandments.

This is why I want to overwhelm the Postmaster General’s office with thousands of petitions from concerned citizens like you.


Thank you for standing with us in this critical issue.

Your missionary to Capitol Hill,

Rob Schenck Rev. Schenck’s Blog

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A Christian’s Personal Views

Posted by soldierservant on May 2, 2007

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This week, I will celebrate my 55th birthday. Therefore, my column today
will be strictly personal. I think it only fair that readers should have an
opportunity to learn a little something about the person who writes the
words they read. Today’s column is designed with that goal in mind.

I was born in a small town in northern Indiana. My father and mother were
dedicated Christians. Dad was a welder by trade and a lay jailhouse
preacher. The Lord delivered him from a terrible life of alcoholism, and the
story of his deliverance is nothing short of miraculous.

Readers should know that I will send a cassette tape or CD of my father’s
life story free of charge to anyone who requests it. If you or someone you
know struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, I urge you to obtain a copy
of this remarkable story. Go to:

Dad was the only Baldwin in my clan to leave the South. All the rest of my
kin, including my paternal and maternal grandparents, were lifelong
Arkansans. I moved South after my Sophomore year of college and have never

The Baldwins were all Democrats, and so was I until 1980 when I registered
as a Republican. Now, however, I am an Independent who is affiliated with
the Constitution Party. I believe the two major parties are two peas in the
same pod or, as Pat Buchanan calls them, “two wings of the same bird of
prey.” In my opinion, both parties are selling out our constitutional
liberties, our independence, and our national sovereignty. At the national
level, I can no longer in good conscience support either of them.

The Constitution Party web site is located at:

Outside of the decision to trust Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, the
decision to marry my wife, Connie, is the greatest decision I ever made. She
is marvelous! We will celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary next month. She
has borne me three wonderful children of whom I could not be prouder.

My oldest child, Sarah Beth, is married to a structural engineer. She and
Allan are the youth leaders in our church. They have three children. Our
oldest son, Christopher, owns his own plumbing construction business here in
Pensacola. He and his wife, Jana, are also dedicated Christians and serve
God with us in our church. They have three sons. Our youngest son, Timothy,
was a felony prosecutor with the Florida State Attorney’s office, and now
owns his own law firm. He, too, is a committed Christian and is the worship
leader in our church. Tim is still single, but I suspect not for long.

Readers should also know that Tim has an excellent legal review of the USA
Patriot Act posted on our web site. Read it at:

Plus, should you know anyone who needs an attorney in the State of Florida,
here is the web site for Tim’s law offices:

I believe in the primacy of the local New Testament Church. I have been
privileged to serve as the Senior Pastor of the Crossroad Baptist Church in
Pensacola, Florida, for over thirty years now. I am a pre-millennial
dispensationalist in my understanding of Eschatology. Yes, Gertrude, I
believe in the Rapture of the Church.

I have hosted my own radio programs for more than thirty years. In fact,
this column is the outgrowth of my radio talk show program, Chuck Baldwin
Live. Here is the web address:

Currently, my radio programs are aired 21 times a week on 6 different
stations in the greater Pensacola, Florida metropolitan area.

My personal philosophy regarding social/political issues is quite simple. I
believe abortion is murder. It is the deliberate killing of innocent human
life. I believe homosexuality is moral perversion and deserves no special
consideration under the law.

I believe the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is the
greatest civil document ever devised by man. I steadfastly support the
principles contained in the Declaration of Independence. I believe America’s
Founding Fathers to be the greatest generation of Christian philosophers and
patriots to ever live.

I believe the current attempt by politicians from both parties to ignore and
violate the Constitution is an unconscionable and draconian attack against
the liberties of the American people and should be vehemently resisted. I
believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

I believe there is a conspiracy by elitists within government and big
business to steal America’s independence. I believe many, if not most,
pastors today have become little more than glorified politicians, and I am
very disappointed in the way today’s national Christian leaders seem to have
sold out to political and commercial powers.

I further believe that the current effort to merge the United States into a
North American Community, along with the sister-issues of the NAFTA
superhighway and the push to provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens,
comprises the greatest threat to America’s independence and national
sovereignty we have seen since our country’s inception. In this regard, I
especially appreciate investigative journalist and author Dr. Jerome Corsi,
and CNN broadcaster Lou Dobbs. I encourage every American to read and watch
carefully what these two men are saying.

Besides Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida and the Constitution
Party, the only organizations to which I belong are Gun Owners of America,
and The National Rifle Association.

See GOA’s web site at:

The NRA’s web site is located at:

My favorite news magazine is The New American. I heartily recommend every
American read it. To see their web site, go to:

If I have a hobby, it would be hunting and freshwater fishing, although I
don’t get to do either as much as I would like. In fact, I recently sold my
bass boat, as it was about to fuse itself to my driveway due to inactivity.
I am probably what people would call a workaholic. I do not drink or smoke.
In addition, I adhere to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

There it is. That is me in a nutshell. If you want to read more, go to:

At least now you know some “details” about who I am. You can rest assured
that everything I write will be faithful to the beliefs mentioned above. And
as always, thanks for reading my columns.

(c) Chuck Baldwin


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Christians Should Not use Political Labels!

Posted by soldierservant on May 2, 2007

Conservative. Liberal. Moderate. Political labels are thrown around
constantly in an attempt to define a person’s ideology. The
problem is, political labels are absolutely meaningless today.
Absolutely meaningless!

The reality of the situation is, neither conservatives nor liberals
differ on many salient issues. The major beef between them has
much more to do with who wields power and very little to do with
ideology. Both conservatives and liberals merely use ideology as a
ruse to dupe various constituencies. There is very little
disagreement on policy.

Furthermore, where policy disagreements arise, there is little
advantage between conservatives and liberals as to which group’s
policy is best for the country. For the most part, each is as often
wrong (or right) as the other.

Let me provide a few examples. Let’s start with areas where
conservatives and liberals are for the most part agreed.

*Neither conservatives nor liberals believe in limited government.
Both groups excel in spending taxpayers’ money. Liberals want to
tax and spend, while conservatives want to borrow and spend. But
both want to spend. In fact, when it comes to federal spending,
conservatives have proven themselves to be even more proficient
than liberals.

*Neither conservatives nor liberals give a hoot about saving the
lives of unborn babies. Both groups say they find abortion
repulsive, etc., but neither group wants to protect the lives of
unborn children from the abortionist’s scalpel or from
abortifacients such as RU-486.

Liberals openly endorse “a woman’s right to choose” (to kill her
baby), but conservatives such as President and Mrs. George W.
Bush also maintain that Roe v Wade (the Supreme Court decision
that gave federal sanction to abortion on demand) should NOT be
overturned. People need to realize that it has been the Republican
Party, not the Democratic Party, that has controlled the U. S.
Supreme Court from 1973 (the year Roe became law) until the

*Both conservatives and liberals in Washington, D.C., have forced
American culture and business to mainstream homosexuality.

*Neither conservatives nor liberals care a flip about obeying the
U.S. constitution. Both conservatives and liberals routinely
disregard the Constitution without hesitation and without regret.
Being a conservative or liberal means nothing when it comes to
fidelity to the Constitution.

*Both conservatives and liberals offer no resistance to a growing
international New World Order. Both groups seem perfectly
willing to sacrifice the independence and sovereignty of the United
States to the United Nations and other multinational organizations.

*Immigration. Both conservatives and liberals support the
continuation of allowing massive numbers of illegal aliens to work
and reside in this country. In fact, on this subject, President Bush’s
policy is more egregiously in error than any policy put forward by
former liberal presidents, including those of Bill Clinton.

President Bush wants to legalize illegal aliens by granting them
“guest worker” status. This amnesty program is especially
disconcerting when one factors in the need to secure America from
potential terrorists. How conservatives can support a policy which
sends American troops half way around the world to fight
terrorism while at the same time throwing open the doors of illegal
immigration allowing any and all potential terrorists to infiltrate
our own land is the height of absurdity!

The list goes on almost without end. Now, let’s look at a few areas
where conservatives and liberals seem to differ. First, here is where
conservatives have it right:

*Gun control. For the most part, conservatives seem to favor the
Constitutional right of American citizens to defend themselves. In
all likelihood, it is this issue that is most responsible for the
Democrats losing control of the White House and Congress. That
is why, for the most part, liberals are silent or even support the
Second Amendment now. But it wasn’t ideology that changed
them. It was the fact that since gun control advocates don’t fare
well at the polls these days, liberals have decided to drop (for the
mean time) the issue.

*The right of the American people to publicly acknowledge God.
For the most part, conservatives have at least a rudimentary
understanding of America’s Christian heritage and support the
public recognition of God.

I need to put a caveat here and admit that when it comes to
conservatives having the courage of their convictions on this point,
there is anything but a stellar record. For example, what good did it
do Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore that there was a conservative
Republican governor or a conservative Republican attorney
general in Alabama? What good did it do him that there was a
conservative Republican in the White House or a conservative
Republican attorney general in Washington? What good did it do
him that many, if not most of the churches in Alabama are led and
attended by conservative Christians? The answer: it did him no
good whatsoever. It was conservative Republicans, through either
their inaction or collaboration with liberals, that hung Judge Moore
out to dry!

*In general, conservatives have it right about the need for a strong
national defense.

Now, here are a few issues where liberals have it right:

*Liberals more often than not rightly oppose the numerous “free
trade” agreements that are destroying America’s manufacturing
industries and transferring jobs (and national sovereignty)

On the subject of free trade, Democrats and trade unions are right
more often than not. Conservatives should be ashamed of
themselves for bowing to these multinational and supranational
organizations who, for the love of money, are willing to lead
America into the sewer of internationalism.

A caveat on this subject: liberals should step up to the plate and
stop excusing Democratic leaders when they betray this issue. Can
anyone say, “Bill Clinton”? You will remember that it was Bill
Clinton along with then Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole who (in
the middle of the night, no less) gave us NAFTA and GATT.

*Liberals are the ones who are leading the fight against the erosion
of Constitutional protections of our individual liberties. Again,
conservatives should be ashamed of themselves! By supporting the
Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, the creation of
a new National Intelligence Director, etc., conservatives are
quickly morphing into little National Socialists.

For a legal review of the Patriot Act and how it is destroying our
liberties, go to my web site at: This article
was written by my youngest son who is an attorney.

I applaud liberals for having the guts to oppose President Bush’s
attempts to eviscerate our liberties under the rubric of “fighting
terrorism.” It is shameful that conservatives are ignoring Bush’s
attacks against the Constitution!

*The war in Iraq. Liberals are right to oppose the war in Iraq. The
war is unconstitutional and without merit. As everyone now
knows, the Bush administration repeatedly lied to the American
people regarding the justification for this war. Beyond that, it
appears that President Bush intends to expand the war into Syria
and Iran.

America now seems determined to ignore the sagacious words of
John Quincy Adams who in repeating America’s founding policy
regarding foreign intervention said, “America goes not abroad
seeking monsters to destroy.” However, that is exactly what
George W. Bush and today’s conservatives are doing.

As you can readily see, political labels mean nothing. On the
crucial issues of our day, both conservatives and liberals are
equally culpable in supporting bad policies, and conservatives and
liberals are wrong as much as they are right regarding policies in
which they differ. It is becoming extremely important that the
American people begin looking past political labels and determine
to support or oppose each policy (regardless of which group is
promoting it) based solely on its merit. If we don’t begin doing this
soon, both conservatives and liberals in Washington, D.C., will
destroy what is left of this great constitutional republic.

© Chuck Baldwin


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This Proves That Bush Is A Greater Evil Than Clinton

Posted by soldierservant on May 2, 2007

This message is proof that Bush is a greater evil than Clinton, not lesser. Which is why CHRISTIANS should not allow Satan to trap them into this “lesser of two evils” game in politics or anything else.

It is time to ask some hard questions about the preponderance of
leaders and organizations commonly identified as the Religious
Right. Are they gullible, naïve, or willingly ignorant? How can
anyone who truly believes that unborn babies deserve the right to
life continue to support President George W. Bush? His track
record on the life issue screams betrayal! Let’s get real: on the
subject of protecting the lives of unborn babies, Bush is just so
much hot air!

American Life League president Judy Brown, columnist Thomas
Droleskey, Howard Phillips, Covenant web host Jim
Rudd, and many others have provided the American people with
incontrovertible documentation regarding G.W. Bush’s dismally
pathetic record on the life issue. They have chronicled facts

Practically everyone in Bush’s cabinet is pro-abortion. Bush is the
first president to authorize stem cell research. In fact, his appointee
to directorship of the National Institute of Health, Dr. Elias
Zerhouni, is a pioneer in embryonic stem cell research. President
Bush even blocked a vote on a congressional amendment that
would have banned the patenting of human embryos.

President Bush has done nothing to remove abortifacients such as
RU-486 from the shelves. He even supported the National
Organization of Women (NOW) in their racketeering suit against
Joe Scheidler and other pro-life advocates.

President Bush has approved millions of taxpayer dollars in
funding for Planned Parenthood. He has authorized federal funding
for abortion providers overseas to levels even higher than those
authorized by President Bill Clinton!

Speaking of overseas funding for abortion, President Bush’s $15
billion AIDS package provides payments to organizations that
provide abortions including the International Planned Parenthood

President Bush even admitted his opposition to overturning Roe v
Wade by stating emphatically, “there will be abortions. That’s a
reality.” Of course, the President’s wife Laura has also publicly
said she is opposed to overturning Roe v Wade.

President Bush has repeatedly said that he has no litmus test on the
life issue when it comes to appointing federal judges. Why does
the Religious Right claim he intends to do something he has
plainly and repeatedly denied? Again, are they gullible, naïve, or
willingly ignorant?

Beyond that, how far will the Religious Right go in their
compromise and surrender of the life issue? Indications are there is
practically no limit to their sellout.

We are already hearing leaders within the Religious Right say they
will support the Republican presidential nominee in 2008 even if
that nominee is openly pro-abortion. Such talk is obviously an
attempt to begin calming potential concerns among pro-life
conservatives if and when the Republican Party nominates a pro-
abortion presidential candidate, which appears very likely to

For example, a recent national gathering of Republicans voted
Rudy Guiliani and Condi Rice as the top two choices to lead the
GOP ticket in 2008. Of course, both Guiliani and Rice are pro-

It will more than interesting to listen to leaders of the Religious
Right postulate on how a pro-abortion Democrat is evil but a pro-
abortion Republican is righteous! Again, is the Religious Right
gullible, naïve, or willingly ignorant?

Perhaps disgusting is a more appropriate word to describe the
behavior of the Religious Right. In order to keep its most favored
special interest group status, it has compromised and capitulated
just about every cardinal principal, including the life issue.

As a result, Republican presidents and congresses will continue to
come and go, the Religious Right will continue to bask in the
warm glow of Republican acceptance, and millions of pre-born
babies will continue to have their little bodies torn apart by the
abortionist’s scalpel.

Do not fear, however. At least a Democrat is not in the White
House. Obviously, that matters little to the more than 4 million
unborn babies who have been slaughtered in the wombs of their
mothers since G.W. Bush became President. What does matter, of
course, is that the Religious Right is happy to embrace the
Republican presidential candidate, his or her commitment to the
unborn notwithstanding.

Is the Religious Right gullible, naïve, or willingly ignorant? It
really doesn’t matter. Whatever the motive or whatever the cause,
the Religious Right has ceased to be a credible proponent of
protecting the lives of unborn children, which leads to the greater
question: who will pick up the mantle as the voice for the unborn?

© Chuck Baldwin


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