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They Can’t Silence Us All!

Posted by soldierservant on May 24, 2007

Dear NewsMax Reader:

Please find below a special message from our sponsor, Health Sciences Institute. They have some important information to share with you.

Thank you.

Report from the Medical Underground

The Greatest New
Medicines Of Our Time

  • Killer flu knocked out in 8 hours with secret antidote developed for military…
  • End-stage cancers destroyed by botanical that even saved Chernobyl victims…
  • Heart failure reversed in 2 weeks. No more plaque! Surgeons cancel bypasses…
  • Arthritis pain completely erased in 2 days with enormous relief in 15 minutes…

Dear Friend of Natural Healing:

Freedom of speech is theoretically protected under the U.S. Constitution.

But even some of today’s most courageous alternative doctors dare not speak publicly about the lifesaving new medicines they’ve discovered. These are not the familiar ‘natural remedies’ you read about elsewhere and…

Vested interests will do ANYTHING to
prevent them from reaching YOU

FACT: The FDA has lately been threatening and ruining producers of cutting-edge natural medicines simply for printing the truth about what they actually do. That’s exactly what
billion-dollar drug giants want…

But they can’t silence all 90,000 of us!

We’re Health Sciences Institute (HSI) – an international network of over 90,000 doctors, researchers and health-conscious consumers like you who support alternative medicine. In this privately circulated report, we’re breaking the silence about the greatest new medicines of our time…

And we’ve just granted you a Guest Membership..

So that you and your loved ones can freely share in these miracles right now…

Dear Friend of Alternative Medicine:

Just recently, three lifesaving natural medicines were banned by the FDA…

And the brilliant scientists who make them were financially ruined. WHY?

Did any of these natural substances have any unsafe side-effects? NO.

So why did authorities snatch them away from patients whose lives depended on them?

Because the medicines worked too well…
and the makers printed the truth!

Think the First Amendment protects free speech? Not if you make alternative medicines!

The message is clear – if your natural cure works, you’d better not say what it does.

These bans have sent a chill throughout the alternative health community. Even doctors we greatly admire are self-censoring their own publications, for fear their clinics and dispensaries may be shut down…

But they can’t silence all 90,000 of us!

We’re Health Sciences Institute (HSI) – alternative medicine’s first and foremost global information network. We’re 90,000 enlightened doctors, researchers and health-conscious people like you, and…

Because we don’t make or sell any medicines, VESTED INTERESTS CAN’T SHUT US UP

This also means we’re impartial and trusted throughout the natural healing community…

So today’s most gifted researchers are constantly telling us what they can’t tell you.

WANT PROOF? Just keep reading. You’re going to see what’s really new and exciting, that could heal your loved ones’ worst health nightmares right now. In nearly all cases…

You haven’t seen these award-winning, lifesaving ‘underground cures’ mentioned anywhere else…

But you will see them hailed years from now, as other publications gradually pick up on them.

(Normally, these ‘forbidden’ breakthroughs are seen by HSI Members only – in our privately circulated Members Alerts and daily e-mail updates.

But because you’re such a strong supporter of alternative medicine, we’ve granted you a temporary Guest Membership. So that you and your loved ones can start sharing in these miracles right now.

Please use this privilege immediately. The threat to free speech and innovation in natural healing is at our doorsteps now. You are holding the answer. Just page through the life-giving truth about the new…

  • Silkworm secret that strips away artery plaque, confirmed by ultrasound scans…
  • Mouthwash that reversed periodontal bone loss, now being studied by dental schools…
  • ‘Lemonade’ that irons out facial wrinkles in 2 weeks, and even rejuvenates elbows and heels…
  • Ultimate anti-fatigue compound clinically proven to give 52% more energy…

Then please be our guest and accept the most generous FREE GIFT OFFER in HSI history. Simply join today and we’ll rush you…

HSI’s brand-new, uncensored, 12-volume library of TODAY’S GREATEST ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES…FREE!

It contains full details about all the breakthroughs honored in this special awards issue, plus many more.

How they work.

Recommended dosages. Where to get them. And it’s just the first of many life-giving benefits you’ll receive as a Member. (Ever heard of an organization that will research a cure just for you, personally? Nothing would please us more.)

Do let us hear from you soon, so we can tell you more about…

Forbidden PAIN CURE
proves so powerful, FDA rescinds ban

Banned ‘blanket cure’ blocks all manner of pain signals. Halts agony of ruptured disks, degenerated knees, diabetic neuropathy – even pain from amputated limbs.

When the FDA eats crow and lifts its own ban on a natural cure, you’d better believe there’s a mountain of proof to force the issue. Happily, this has just happened for an amazing pain-blocking blanket – a breakthrough that HSI first reported to Members nearly 10 years ago.

Well, it’s about time! Even before it was banned, this discovery had already been tested in clinical trials. It had earned a long list of endorsements from MDs and insurance companies. And overwhelming numbers of HSI Members were reporting near-miraculous results. They confirmed it wiped out ‘incurable’ pain from…

  • Degenerated knees…
  • Aging hips….
  • Muscle sprains…
  • Bad backs…
  • Stiff necks…
  • Even menstrual cramps…

And one of our own headquarters staff swore it was the only relief she ever found from constant lower back pain caused by a ruptured disk. We were outraged when the FDA prohibited this product for lack of ‘sufficient evidence to demonstrate safety and effectiveness.’ It took 6 long years to get the ban lifted, but there was simply no denying that this impossible-sounding breakthrough really, truly works.

Latest clinical studies are even more shocking. They show the blanket may revolutionize treatment of fibromyalgia. Patients confirm it reverses the terrible nerve pain brought on bystrokes…and even the icy agony of diabetic neuropathy. The gold-medal-winning British Columbia Track Team says it’s fantastic for pain from athletic injuries, including sore muscles, tendonitis and pulled hamstrings. It relaxes muscle spasms and stimulates blood circulation.

How it works.

Know how your joints and muscles hurt when the weather changes? It’s not your imagination. This is actually brought on by shifts in the earth’s magnetic fields. These magnetic effects are well known by hospital technicians, who use something called a ‘Faraday cage’ to protect sensitive MRI machines. Acting on this knowledge, brilliant German scientist Frieder Kempe invented a metallic fabric that could shield human limbs in the very same way. He was hoping simply to relieve weather-related pain, but was stunned by how quickly and powerfully it triggers your body’s entire pain-relieving response.

How to use it.

  • The fabric is now available in the form of blankets, jackets, boots, elbow and knee wraps, back belts and other convenient configurations. We’ll give you full details on how to obtain and employ this still-hushed-up breakthrough in your FREE report #1, Pain-Free in Seconds. Do RSVP for yours today, because this is where you’ll also learn about:
  • Just 2 drops did it! For temporary relief of pain when nothing else works, this discovery of HSI Research Panelist Jon Baron relieves it on contact.
  • Spray away migraines instantly. HSI Research Panelist Dr. Linda Page recently gave us early word about this powerful natural anti-inflammatory that you simply spray under your tongue. A brand-new study shows it relieves an amazing 88% of migraine victims – in just 6 1/2 minutes.
  • Chronic leg cramps? Walk pain-free! One of HSI’s very first email alerts directed Members to the Tibetan herbal formula called Padma – 4 years before other alternative newsletters picked up on it. If a loved one has intermittent claudication or peripheral artery disease, don’t miss our latest update. Members confirm a new formulation is helping them sleep the night and walk pain-free. PLEASE NOTE: These are very serious conditions. Don’t act before consulting your FREE report.

Then you’ll learn some even more exciting news about cancer treatment…

It’s slimy and grows like a
weed, but it…

Seaweed secret even destroys end-stage cancers and heals Chernobyl radiation victims

Why do the people of Okinawa hardly ever get any kind of cancer? With the world’s highest percentage of 100-year-olds, this tiny Japanese isle has mystified health researchers for years…

But one of Japan’s greatest cancer researchers just uncovered their secret! And because the brilliant Dr. Kohei Makise also serves on the HSI Research Panel, our Members learned about it first.

The long-sought secret. As it turns out, Okinawans are very fond of a seaweed delicacy called kombu. In fact, they eat far more of it than anyone else in the world! And, after many years of research, scientists have finally isolated the ingredient that makes it so healthy – a long-chain carbohydrate called fucoidan.

How it works.

Like many natural cancer-fighters, fucoidan is a potent immune-booster. But new research shows it goes far beyond other natural extracts you may have heard about. In the latest lab studies, it actually made cancer cells self-destruct in a matter of hours.
It even appears to be effective against fast-spreading lung cancer cells, which are notorious for resisting conventional therapies. Dr. Makise reports he’s having impressive success even with ‘terminal’ patients. As a complementary treatment, he says it easily beats chemotherapy alone. Plus it…

Makes other immune-boosters even more effective. When Dr. Makise combined it with a powerful natural extract called AHCC (described below), the results were near-miraculous. Best of all, it…

Couldn’t be safer! Bear in mind that the seaweed is a food staple for the ultra-healthy Okinawans. And its lifesaving powers go far beyond the prevention and treatment of cancer. Russian researchers say it’s even been successfully used to treat radiation sickness among victims of the terrible Chernobyl meltdown.

This is late-breaking news and it’s urgent. Research is still in the early stages, but the lifesaving potential is enormous. Years from now, you may hear about fucoidan from other health sources, but at HSI we think you deserve to know what’s going on in real time! After all, when you’re battling cancer, every day counts. So don’t you owe it to your loved ones to RSVP and get the details? We’ll share Dr. Makise’s complete treatment protocol in your FREE report #2, CANCER’S KRYPTONITE: Amazing New Cancer Killers. This is where you’ll also get the full story behind HSI’s other top cancer discoveries, including:

The cancer ‘magic bullet’ that was hushed up by a billion-dollar drug giant…until HSI alerted natural scientists and our 90,000 Members! 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy, the rainforest discovery Graviola might have been buried forever, if not for HSI. We also secured access to genuine supplies and preferential treatment for our Members by the makers of this natural discovery, and we’ll be happy to share full details with you, too.

You won’t find out about these breakthroughs anywhere else, so why not complete the order form on the following page immediately? This is also where you’ll learn what they’re not telling you about today’s most talked-about natural cholesterol buster

6 years later, Ralph’s still going strong…
And his leukemia-beating secret is
still ‘safe as mother’s milk!’

HSI Member Ralph Snyder has become a beacon of hope for every cancer victim who’s ever been told to ‘get your affairs in order.’ As Ralph recalls…

‘I was the worst case they had seen
at the Mayo clinic in 20 years…’

His leukemia had defied chemotherapy and every other conventional treatment. ‘I even received my last rites from a priest,’ he remembers. ‘Then a miracle really did happen…’

Ralph received an HSI report about lactoferrin – a truly miraculous natural compound found in mother’s milk, which protects nursing newborns from disease and ‘switches on’ their immune systems. This was among the first natural cancer-fighters HSI ever reported on, scooping other alternative health experts by many years. Members like Ralph are living testimony that it really does work.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the market is full of imitators, high-grade lactoferrin is still hard to find. You’ll receive full details about where to obtain it and how to use it in your FREE report #2, CANCER’S KRYPTONITE: Amazing New Cancer Killers.
‘Take it from me, the ‘miracle treatments’ from HSI are for real!’
-Ralph Snyder, Vero Beach, Florida

Does this cholesterol ‘cure’

What alternative doctors aren’t telling you about today’s hottest natural heart pill

The best-selling ‘new’ natural cholesterol-buster Policosanol was actually introduced to HSI Members nearly 5 years ago, well before it was championed by some famed doctors we admire.

As first reported in our November 2001 HSI Members Alert, this botanical extract has been shown in clinical studies to lower LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol as well or better than leading statin drugs. Plus, it raises HDL (‘good’) cholesterol as much as 29.3%.
We’re delighted that others are sharing the news now. But before you rush out and try it, we wanted to share what our Members have learned about…

Why Policosanol ‘doesn’t work!’

Since our Members have been using Policosanol for up to 5 years, they’ve learned a lot about how to use it correctly. Recently, they’ve been comparing notes on the online HSI Member’s Forum. Those getting the best results point out that the original studies all used a type of Policosanol extracted from sugar cane. Yet the market is now deluged with brands extracted from beeswax, rice brain and other non-sugar-cane sources. And some published studies now suggest that the beeswax versions may not be useful for cholesterol treatment.

Our Members’ recommendation. We have to agree – doesn’t it make sense to stick to the type that’s been validated in clinical studies? Make sure that yours has been manufactured from sugar cane, and insist on pharmaceutical grade. We’ll share full details and recommend sources for this Members Choice Award-winner in your FREE report #3, THE ULTIMATE CURES FOR HEART DISEASE.

So doesn’t it make sense to return the Gift Certificate now? In your FREE report #3, we’ll also share details about how to…

  • Repair stroke damage after the fact? Yes, this powerful palm tree extract is helping stroke victims ‘turn back the clock.’
  • Neutralize the artery-hardener that’s 10 times deadlier than LDL cholesterol. HSI was one of the first to go public with the facts about homocysteine – the rogue blood chemical now linked to heart attacks, Alzheimer’s, cancer and other killers.

Plus, we’ll give you all the hushed-up facts about what may be mankind’s ultimate answer to flu, SARS and possibly even bio-

Panicked Feds Predict

Could rival 1918 pandemic that killed 40 million, says Center for
Disease Control. ‘Human population has no immunity.’ Too late for vaccines!

But a top-secret germ antidote developed by the Russian military could save your loved ones’ lives…

As I write this, the AP wire is flashing, ‘World on Brink of Worldwide Epidemic!’ The long-overdue killer flu has finally arrived. It’s spreading like wildfire among Asian poultry and has just leaped the ‘species barrier’ to humans. And appallingly…

72% of the victims are dying! Because this is not your normal influenza. It’s the dreaded ‘H1-type’ flu virus that’s struck just three times in the last 100 years. The 1918 outbreak alone killed up to 40 million people – more deaths in one year than the medieval black death produced in four. The Asian Flu of 1957 and Hong Kong Flu of 1968 felled thousands more, and this one looks even worse.

FEDS: This could be the deadliest yet. The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Washington D.C. is not known for panicky talk. When they say, ‘this is a very high threat,’ it’s time to worry. The CDC director flatly declares, ‘each time we see a new H1 antigen emerge, we experience a pandemic.’

But the HSI network has been preparing
against this for years…

Our international research network has made natural germ-fighters a #1 priority since our founding. We’ve discovered dozens in the past 9 years. Your FREE reports will include full details about the best – plus a shocking new breakthrough we’ve just uncovered that could dwarf them all.

Developed in secret by Russian military to treat anthrax!

In 2002, National Geographic published an article describing how a Russian military lab accidentally released weapons-grade anthrax into the wind, infecting villages in a 60-mile radius.

What they didn’t report is what the Russians did in response. In fact, the Russian brass ordered top minds at the State Scientific Center Research Institute to develop a ‘universal antidote’ for biological warfare agents. They researched over 600 different compounds – and found one with astonishing power and safety.

How it works.

It’s not drug, but a probiotic capsule packed with ‘friendly’ bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Couldn’t be safer, because it’s a special strain of healthful microbes found in yogurt! Yet it makes your immune system attack ‘unfriendly’ microbes with incredible speed. In documented case histories, it…

Knocked out flu in 8 hours…

…and easily overcame the usually incurable Hepatitis C virus. All this was before the project got transferred to Bulgaria, where famed germ biologists there found out how to supercharge the friendly bacteria.

The modified product is said to be 10 to 30 times more powerful. More than 50,000 doses of this remarkably safe anti-germ agent have been evaluated on human subjects, and the results couldn’t be more encouraging. Users confirm it’s effective against flu, West Nile virus, colds, bronchitis, coughs, certain skin infections and more.

And it’s just been made available in the U.S. Research is still ongoing, but in view of the imminent flu epidemic, we believe it would be a crime against humanity not to publish the news. So why haven’t you heard about it? Here comes the strange and sinister part.

A major TV network filmed a prime-time special about it…

…then suddenly canceled it. WHY? You’ll find full details about this discovery, how to obtain it and how to use it, in a brand-new FREE BONUS Report, Secret Germ Antidote KNOCKS OUT FLU IN 8 HOURS.

This just-published report is your FREE only if you order within the next 10 days. So click the button at the bottom of this page to order right now. RSVP for all 12 FREE reports today!
This is where you’ll also learn how to use what scientists are calling ‘the most potent anti-fatigue compound ever discovered’…

What’s your missing cure?

Somewhere in science, there’s a better new medicine waiting for you right now. Let HSI’s network of 90,000 cure-finders locate your needle in the haystack!

(FALL, 2005) No matter what condition afflicts you, we can practically guarantee that you’re not getting the best medicine science has to offer. Maybe you were once, but not anymore…

WHY? Because the research never stops…

FACT: In the last few years alone, natural researchers have made thousands of new breakthroughs you’ve never heard about. They’re happening so fast, no single expert can
master the details about them all. Not you, not your doctor, not even a brilliant alternative doctor.

Natural healing has become too vast a frontier for any one pioneer to stake out…

And that’s why Health Sciences Institute (HSI)
was founded!

HSI started when a handful of top health researchers banded together – to flash first word of their greatest breakthroughs directly to you, the moment they happen.

The result was an instant success. Since then, HSI has snowballed into an awesome network of global proportions. Linking over 90,000 doctors, researchers and health-conscious individuals, HSI is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking a better, newer solution. If this network can’t find it for you, it doesn’t exist…

But time and again, you’ll discover it does! Just listen to what HSI Members are saying…

HSI breakthroughs work FASTER THAN STATIN DRUGS!

‘I’m about half way through my subscription to your excellent Member Alert newsletters and want to say ‘Thanks.’ After a bypass 3 1/2 years ago…I have been able to keep my [cholesterol and homocysteine] levels within recommended limits using [the breakthroughs that HSI] reported on. A particular plus was that the levels were achieved faster and with superior results than those obtained with prescribed pharmaceutical drugs-and no side effects!’
HSI Member M. R. Elliott, Salt Lake City, UT


‘I didn’t have the nausea, the weight loss or the lack of energy that’s usually associated with my chemotherapy treatments. If it weren’t for the Health Sciences Institute, I would never have learned about [this breast cancer miracle] and I never would have felt so much better after taking it.’
HSI Member Carol L., Grand Junction, CO

HSI hands even doctors the breakthroughs first!

‘It is truly refreshing to read a publication on the topic of alternative medicine that is scientifically based and reviewed by professionals. It is through your hard work and diligent attention to detail that alternative medicine has hope for the future.’
-Robert A. Sinnott, Ph.D., Biotechnology Specialist

‘As a naturopathic physician many years in the field, I’m enjoying your articles very much. Excellent research!’
-Judy Marie, ND

HSI is medicine’s hope for the future!

‘I like to think I’m on the cutting edge, but I constantly see things in HSI that I haven’t read elsewhere. For every breakthrough I’ve shared, I’ve learned about several more.’
-Michael Rosenbaum, MD,
Vice-President of OHM
Orthomolecular Health Medicine

UNLIMITED ACCESS to Alternative Medicine’s
Ultimate Insider Resource…FREE!

HSI Membership entitles you to much more than a world-acclaimed newsletter and daily e-mail alerts.

As a Member, you’ll also receive a password admitting you to the world’s most powerful natural healing resource – the world-famous HSI Archives. This easy-to-use Internet Website contains the full text of over 7 years of monthly HSI Member Alerts, plus thousands of HSI daily e-mail alerts. And its powerful search engine combs through them all for your long-sought cure in the blink of an eye.

For example. Let’s say you have a loved one suffering from psoriasis. You just type the word ‘psoriasis’ into the search engine – and in seconds, you’ll have a listing of every article HSI has published on the subject. Including an urgent warning about a psoriasis drug now linked to nerve damage, and a brand-new natural alternative that’s making symptoms completely disappear.
Quick and easy enough? But that’s not all. You can also…

Submit your toughest health questions

And get thorough, compassionate answers from other HSI Members (including health professionals) who have ‘been there and done that.’ You may be amazed at how quickly they write back with a great new solution!

Don’t use the Internet? Let us do your research…

As a Member, you can just drop us a note with your health questions, and we’ll mail you back information promptly. We’re here to help you get well, and our research network is constantly searching the world to help make it happen.

These are just a few of the ways HSI brings better cures to you, faster than you ever dreamed possible. (Much more about your Member privileges on the following page.) See what a powerful friend you have on your side now? When HSI says you’ll have 90,000 cure-finders working for you – it’s a state-of-the-science fact!

Know anyone who wouldn’t want 52% MORE ENERGY?

Imagine enjoying this power surge
every day , from now on!
Clinical studies indicate new breakthrough works for:

  • Stressed-out workers…
  • Menopause sufferers…
  • Chemotherapy patients..
  • Chronic fatigue victims…
  • And nearly everyone else!

When was the last time you crawled out of bed feeling like a train wreck? Join the club. Legions of stressed-out Americans are waking up tired, gulping coffee, tossing and turning all night with insomnia…

Is there any way out of this black hole? Suddenly, wonderfully, now there is. One of today’s most acclaimed biotech researchers, Dr. Floyd Taub, MD, has just completed clinical studies on an all-natural treatment that’s being called ‘the most potent anti-fatigue compound ever discovered.’

Code-named COBAT, this is no experimental wanna-be. The buttoned-up research has even been blessed by an independent government panel. It dramatically banishes tiredness and brain fog, without the curse of insomnia. Works wonders for the seriously ill – and when ordinary stress-sufferers use it, WOW!
The facts at a glance. I’d need pages to run down all the results, so let me just list a few.

1.Greatly energized 90% of all patients with cancer, chronic fatigue, and Hepatitis C.

2.No matter what triggered the fatigue, COBAT gave a 52% average energy boost.

3.Unlike herbal stimulants and caffeine that just mask fatigue, COBAT kept everyone going like the proverbial energizer bunny. Even after 22 weeks of use, energy levels kept getting better!

How it works.

Dr. Taub’s breakthrough came when he realized that extended stress throws the human immune system out of whack. Your body responds by pumping out too many immune cells called cytokines. Then they attack you, much like ‘friendly fire’ can mow down an army platoon. COBAT fixes this by fine-tuning your immune cell output. It’s a very delicate job that couldn’t possibly be accomplished with drugs, but COBAT actually works on the molecular level.

Low cost.

While fatigue-fighting drugs like Procrit can cost nearly $2,000 for a 30-day supply, COBAT is available without prescription for under $2 a day. All this makes it a slam-dunk for our EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARD. We highly recommend it for loved ones suffering any kind of fatigue, and we’ve spoken with many quite healthy folks who simply enjoy the extra energy.

Just consider…

How far can you hit a golf ball? Would you mind being able to knock it 52% further? Get full details on how to obtain it and use it in your FREE report #5, Who Wouldn’t Want 52% MORE ENERGY! This is where you’ll also discover how to:

Fall fast asleep in just 30 minutes, after taking today’s fastest natural insomnia remedy. Provides up to 6 hours of restful sleep and an all-around sense of calm. Even shown to neutralize the effects of caffeine and amphetamines.

Then you’ll learn a secret that could save the lives of the men you love…

by taking a lot Less calcium!

What your doctor never told you about taking calcium . It’s not how much you take that matters most, but where it winds up. That’s one reason why drinking milk has never been shown to protect against fractures.

The problem. Calcium in your bloodstream doesn’t necessarily get absorbed by your bones. Unless you solve this problem, you can suffer from calcium overload. It can migrate to your arteries in the form of plaque, collect in your kidneys as stones, or simply get flushed out when you urinate.

The new breakthrough. Chinese researchers combined a highly bio-available form of calcium with 21 different amino acids, a couple of minerals – and 3 little-known Asian herbs shown to cut bone loss and boost bone formation. The first studies are out and they’re staggering.

Bone density increased by an astonishing 27%! That’s the best result from any therapy we’ve ever heard of, drug or natural. Plus, bone remodeling – the crucial process by which fragile old bone cells are replaced by healthy new ones – soared by an incredible 100%.

No mega doses required. The actual amount of calcium in each daily dose of this Chinese wonder is just 125 mg. That’s about a tenth of what you’re probably gulping down now. Scientists say this is because the calcium is going where it counts, instead of where it can do you mischief.

What to do. If early research bears up, this breakthrough beats more dangerous therapies by a country mile. No adverse side-effects have been reported. If I were fighting osteoporosis, I’d start it tomorrow. Full details on where to get it and how to use it in your FREE report #6, Today’s Top Medicines For Women.



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