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Christian Political Organizations Using Corrupt Televangelist Tactics

Posted by soldierservant on May 24, 2007

Check this outrage below out. Now there are plenty of REAL ISSUES that REAL Christian political organizations could be addressing in REAL WAYS. But here you have a fake Christian organization. First, they address a sham issue: Ten Commandments postage stamps. Why? Because Muslims are getting their stamps. Then they ask you to support them in their sham issue, and looks like about 11,000 people did. And then they hit you back with the FUNDRAISING PLEDGE. Which is what it was all about all along. Keep in mind, even if they do get their money and use it to make their presentation to the postmaster general, there is absolutely no evidence that it would influence them to issue these Ten Commandments stamps, and even less evidence that the courts wouldn’t call it a “separation between church and state” and block them. And if the stamps get made, so what? Why do certain Christians want the government to endorse our religion so badly? Will that result in a single soul being won to the Kingdom? Who is going to buy or pay attention these stamps other than Christians? Will non – Christians even be able to read what the Ten Commandments are on the stamps? Even if they do, what will it matter of there are no Christians around to tell them that violating any one of these commandments at any time dooms them to the lake of fire for eternity, and they need a Saviour? This is the classic TV evangelist tactic. For all we know, the very same televangelists who did hard time for their illegal schemes might be working as their paid consultants. The $4500 spent on this nonsense would have been better used printing gospel tracts (or buying them from such excellent ministries as or and organizing volunteers to hand them out. And I know they are volunteers but at least give them a T – shirt or a sandwich and soda or something, do not muzzle the ox that treads the corn De 25:4, 1Co 9:9, 1Ti 5:18 … but how many “ministries” abuse their volunteers in a most unbiblical fashion by giving them NOTHING? Anyway, that would have done much more for winning souls for God than getting our government to put Ten Commandments on stamps. It is just like this thing about how everyone blames taking prayer out of schools for how kids are acting in them. What about the fact that so many parents are no longer taking their kids to church? Then again, that might not be such a bad thing since so many churches are promoting humanism, New Age, materialism, and other fads that oppose the Bible. So how about the fact that so many of these parents aren’t reading the Bible to their kids and praying with them at home? You know what these parents are doing? Surfing the Internet and watching TV. It is even acceptable for adults to play video games now. That is right, adults with children spend hours per week playing video games! Kids can’t even get Playstations, Xboxes, etc. because adults get to them first. So because we won’t raise our children up in the Lord, we want the government to do it for us? Wow, won’t that be something that the anti – Christ will be able to play right into. He will tell all of these people who claim to be Christians but go to false churches that have brought all of these false religions into them and spend all of their time away from work on the Internet and playing video games that he will put god back into government so that the government will take over religious instruction of children so they won’t have to do it. And they will say “Great!” You already have a bunch of states that are going to start having Bible instruction in public schools. And isn’t that all we need. It is bad enough that all these churches that have turned their backs on God are misusing the Bible to do all sorts of evil. Now we are going to have Buddhists, Scientologists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, witches, occultists, pagans, atheists, and whoever else teaching our kids the Bible. Sure, that is putting god into our schools, government, and culture all right. But what a lot of these people are forgetting is WHICH god? That is right, the one whom the anti – Christ will be serving, which is Satan. That is exactly what things like this are leading our nation into.

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Dear Terry Andrews,We’re over the top!

Thank you for helping us go over the top in our drive for 10,000 new Ten Commandments Postage Stamp petitions! As of today, we have 10,065 new petitions in hand—including yours!

As you signed your petition and sent out our E-mail appeal to others, we were prayerfully putting together all the plans to present your petition–along with all the others–to Postmaster General John E. Potter one week from now.

If only I could tell you all the details of how this came together! Until now, the Postmaster General has ignored our plea for consideration of a Ten Commandments stamp. But then, out of the blue, we were given an opportunity to speak to him face to face!

One thing you need to know, however. These kinds of opportunities don’t come cheap. Here in Washington, they must be done right or they are completely ignored.

The Postmaster General needs to see all these petitions—but he won’t pay any attention unless they are presented appropriately. That means the petitions need to be properly printed out, professionally bound, placed in specially marked and constructed cartons and displayed in the right location. A specific kind of sign showing the proposed stamp must also be made—by a professional artist!

I wish with all my heart I could tell you exactly where and how this special presentation to the Postmaster General will be done–but I can’t just yet. (I will report it all to you AFTER it happens.)

For now, all I can tell you is what we need: special vendor services, a special location and special people to pull all of this off in a way that ensures we get the attention this proposal deserves. It just won’t work in any other way.

And the cost of all this is significant. In fact, it will require $4,500. This may sound expensive, but think about it: A Ten Commandments Postage Stamp means millions of Americans will see this reminder of the moral foundations to our American civilization! If we were to do that on television, it would cost hundreds of thousands—and maybe even millions of dollars!

So, it’s really a bargain to spread this crucial message for so little money.

Will you help us to properly and powerfully present your petition to the Postmaster General a week from now? You can do so by making a fully tax-deductible online contribution of only $20. If just 250 of our friends like you can make a $20 contribution, we will have sufficient resources to present your petitions to the Postmaster General in a way that will definitely get his attention.

Imagine helping to bring about an official United States Postage Stamp of the Ten Commandments for a tax-deductible contribution of only $20.

Please help us achieve our financial goal by the end of this week so we can put everything into place for next week’s historic presentation to U.S. Postmaster General John Potter!

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Thank you again for signing and sending on the petition—and thank you in advance for your urgently needed gift to present your petition to the U.S. Postmaster General!

Your grateful missionary to Capitol Hill,

Rob Schenck

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