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A Tribute To Jerry Falwell

Posted by soldierservant on May 21, 2007

Man, I don’t know about this Chuck Baldwin. It seems he compromises with heretics like Alan Keyes and Pat Buchanan. Now he has endless praises for Jerry Falwell, which according to him was a Bush supporter. Sure Falwell may be a nice guy and all that but God isn’t going to judge us on niceness alone. I really don’t see any excuse for any religious leader to defend Bush the way they do. If you’ve noticed that it is mostly the false teachers that defend Bush as they did with Clinton. There were a few that spoke out against Clinton but the very same ones that did are completely silent on Bush which is a far greater evil. This country is not going to hell in a handbasket but by the truckloads.

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I first met Jerry Falwell when I was a Sophomore at Midwestern Baptist
College in Pontiac, Michigan. The year was 1972. I can honestly say, hearing
and meeting Dr. Falwell was a turning point in my life.

I was so impressed with Jerry’s vision, courage, and compassion that the
very next year, 1973, I transferred from the Michigan school to Dr. Jerry’s
Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. The school was then called
Lynchburg Baptist College.

Back in those days, there was no Liberty Mountain, no sprawling campus, no
NCAA sports program, etc. It was a small school, meeting in make-shift
classrooms spread out just about everywhere. We met in the facilities at
Thomas Road Baptist Church, in refurbished buildings in downtown Lynchburg,
and in facilities at the Treasure Island youth camp.

When I graduated from the Bible Institute division of Liberty in 1975, I was
part of the first complete graduation class in the school’s history. As
such, Jerry seemed to take particular delight in us. In fact, I can honestly
say that Jerry Falwell and I formed a friendship while I was a student that
lasted until the day of his sudden and (to us) untimely death this week.

I can still vividly remember the hour-long conversation I had with Jerry
Falwell in his church office as I struggled with the decision to move to
Pensacola, Florida after graduation and start a brand new church. His
counsel was invaluable.

My wife and I did indeed move to Pensacola following graduation and plant
the Crossroad Baptist Church in 1975 with a total of six people attending
that first service. Four of the six were my family, by the way. That was
thirty-two years ago next month. And we are still here, except there are a
few more of us now.

In 1979, Dr. Falwell asked me to be the Executive Director of the
newly-formed Florida Moral Majority, a position which I was very pleased to

For the next decade, I worked side-by-side with Jerry Falwell. More than
once, I flew with him in his private jet to conferences and gatherings and
shared the platform with him in several of those meetings. I was also
privileged to travel with Jerry overseas, including to Israel and the

In addition, Dr. Falwell spoke at our church in Pensacola on at least four
occasions. Furthermore, Jerry invited me and my wife (along with many
others) to join him in Washington, D.C., to meet (and dine with) President
Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush. In fact, President Reagan
even wrote a personal letter of commendation to me and our church. I’m
certain this was done at Jerry’s behest.

Jerry was always good to me. When our church was first formed, he asked a
successful businessman to send a generous offering to our struggling work.
The man did, and I still remember what an encouragement that was to our
young hearts.

While we were in Israel, Jerry asked me to appear on his Old Time Gospel
Hour television broadcast. He also carried several of my columns in his
National Liberty Journal newspaper.

Because of my association with Jerry Falwell, I was privileged to meet many
of America’s prominent Christian ministers and political leaders, along with
numerous conservative activists. In fact, many enduring friendships came out
of those meetings.

Dr. Falwell was absolutely fearless. And I saw him up close and personal in
some of the most hostile environments that one can imagine. He never backed
down or folded. He knew what he believed and spoke from his heart.

Jerry Falwell was a man’s man. He was tough as nails, but was also tender
and compassionate. Only God knows how many struggling preachers and churches
Jerry reached out to. He was generous to a fault. I remember him saying that
Macel (his wife) would never let him carry cash, because, if he had it, he
would always give it away. I believe it.

Yes, Jerry Falwell changed America. His influence upon our country cannot be
underestimated and will be felt for decades to come. His church and schools
have generated tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of “young champions for
Christ” and an equal number of Christian patriots. I hope I am one of them.

In many respects, Dr. Falwell’s legacy is forever linked to Ronald Reagan. I
believe it is safe to say that, in may ways, Jerry Falwell made Ronald
Reagan who he was and Ronald Reagan made Jerry Falwell who he was. They were
inseparable friends, which is a credit to both men.

However, the most enduring memory I have of Jerry Falwell is that of pastor.
I can remember, like it was yesterday, the feeling Connie and I had when we
attended services at Thomas Road. There was always a revival spirit present
in the church. I cannot recall a Lord’s Day when people were not saved and

It was at Thomas Road Baptist Church that my wife and I learned to live by
faith and trust God. It was the teaching ministry of Dr. Jerry Falwell and
Dr. Harold Willmington that gave me a thirst and love for the Bible. While
at Thomas Road for those two-plus years, I caught Jerry’s vision; I felt his
heart. There is not time to recount the lessons learned, the prayers
answered, and the spirit captured while sitting at the feet of Dr. Jerry

During the past few years, Dr. Jerry and I had distinct differences in our
approach to politics. He remained a stalwart supporter of President George
W. Bush and the Republican Party in general. I have become an Independent
who is as critical of this administration and the Republican leadership as I
am of the Democrats. Jerry saw a substantial difference between the two
major parties; I don’t. In fact, my last communication with Jerry took place
just a few weeks ago as Jerry and I discussed our differing views and
conclusions regarding the Bush administration and future elections.

However, Jerry Falwell and I shared the same love for Christ and the same
allegiance to the Word of God. We believed the same principles and
doctrines. We only differed on how to apply those principles. And I
certainly will not allow those differences to interfere with my respect and
admiration for this dear man.

America has lost a seasoned patriot. Thomas Road Baptist Church has lost a
faithful and dedicated pastor. Liberty University has lost a visionary
chancellor. The church of Christ collectively has lost a dynamic preacher of
the Gospel. The Falwell family has lost a loving husband and father. And
thousands of people such as me have lost a hero, mentor and friend.

No matter what his enemies say, America is a better place because of Jerry
Falwell. And those of us who were privileged to personally know him will
never forget him.

(c) Chuck Baldwin


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Living In The Last Days

Posted by soldierservant on May 21, 2007

We know we are living in the last days according to Jesus speaking of the signs of the end of the age where he said that Israel will be surrounded by enemies, like as it is now with Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt. Also said that Judea should flee to the
mountains;  Judea being one of the cities Bush has targeted to be given to their enemies. This proves the evil intent of Bush. Jesus said that these things must happen but woe to them from whom it must happen. This Iraq war is a total scam or the so called war on terror because we funding them through the oil market. Bush has ties with arab oil and the saudi family, so anyone is a fool if they believe he is sincere about alternative energies. They had plenty of chances to drill all over this country and haven’t, so it appears there is an arab oil conspiracy and all of us are having to pay the outrageous prices for gas now. If we are funding terrorists through our continual use of arab oil then how can anyone come to the conclusion that we are winning? The only way to win is to hit them where it hurts, their finances by use of our own oil or alternative energies,but that is not likely to happen with all the wicked people in government. he best alternate energy is nuclear. It is the cleanest, efficient, and most cost effective, but what does this government care about the needs of the people or just pure common sense. People now have to ask themselves honestly if we are any better off now than before Bush took office. I would say a resounding NO! We still have the same number of abortions,  government has expanded even more than when Clinton was in. There are more outsourced jobs, more illegal aliens, more diseases due to illegals that brought them in to this country, more crime, more corruption, more injustice, more child molestations,more chaos and hypocrisy than ever. It is easy to say that once Bush is out everything will be better. The trend of our presidents proves the opposite. Each one seems to be worse than the previous president before him. We may end up with someone as bad or worse than Bush. This may seem inconceivable but I would have never thought that we’d get a worse president than Clinton, especially a republican. At that  time I thought anyone would be better than Clinton. Boy, was the joke ever on us who are true conservatives. If 9/11 was basis for the Iraq war that proves just how false it is because it was saudis on the hijacked planes, not iraqis.It is utterly foolish to think we can win when we are in their backyard and on their turf, especially since they have blended in with the civilian population. Only a fool would rush to this war which proves this is a nation of fools. It might would be more merciful just to nuke them because as it is going now there are endless innocent casualties.

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