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Jack Van Impe: False Preacher Sissyfying The Gospel

Posted by soldierservant on May 16, 2007

I just heard some of him when just flipping through. He falsely teaches that this world will not end when the Bible is very clear that it will. His word says that this world will be destroyed by fire, that everything will be consumed. Then there is the scripture that says heaven and earth will pass away but God remains. It also says that there will be a new heaven and a new earth. How can there be a new earth unless the old one is destroyed? I think he is also into that christian science garbage by making Christ’s return totally positive. He didn’t get that from the Holy Bible because it clearly says that Jesus will return with the armies of heaven and slay the wicked with the sword of his mouth and
that the birds and the beasts will feast off the carcasses of kings. There is most definite confrontation, of course all in His favor,but it won’t be pretty. Even afterward at the end of the new millennium when Satan is released from the abyss for a short time there
will be a rebellion in which God will consume them by fire. I get so tired of these false teachers sissifying the gospel. Just like all these religious right that want to censor all violence from movies. Violence is just a part of reality and to deny it is to lie and promote vain imaginations against the knowledge of God. The Bible is one of the most bloodiest books ever,whether it is the crusifiction of Christ, old testament wars and sacrifices, or the judgments of the damned. If it was up to the religious right they would censor the Bible and thus take away the price Jesus paid and deny His suffering. This type of propaganda is downright communistic and antichrist. I guess it is for good reason that they are called the religious right instead of the christian right. They are modern pharisees. Also Jack went on to say that after a thousand years Christ will be recommissioned. What for? Something has to happen or else he would just continue on. That is when the earth will be destroyed by fire and the wicked dead judged. Everything will be new then. It has always been God’s rules to absolutely purge all wickedness. That is why He had the kings of old testament burn the bones of the wicked. Wickedness is a contamination that has to be purged and to say otherwise (like Jack says) is to mock God. About Jerry Falwell I am not
sure if he was a adamant Bush supporter so I try to avoid judgmentalism. I know he was one of the very few religious leaders that said 9/11 was judgment from God over abortion. I am not sure if he retracted that statement or not. I know others did like Pat Robertson. When he got flack over that he apologized. There are hardly any real men left. They are all spineless wimps. Those who have any apology over the truth won’t enter God’s kingdom. 

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