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American Idolatry

Posted by soldierservant on May 16, 2007

It seems like no matter where I turn, whether it is conservative, liberal, or independent, all seem to despise true Christianity. There was a talk show host that I listened to quite
regularly that would point out all the stuff that was hushed up on the Bushbot shows. He even nicknamed Rush as Hush Bimbo. When it comes to the subject of the truth of the gospel he flat out denied it and said that anyone that believed like that was no different than the jihadists. There is so much hatred for Christ that it comes from all sides. The
simpleminded think that persecution is only going to come from the left have got a rude awakening coming to them. I believe it will come from the right even more so.Just think about it. The locksteppers want to crush all that they perceive to be threatening to their freedom, bigoted, of fascistic. Nowhere has in recent times any christian forced conversion on anyone like the muslim extremists but yet they want to label the true christians as terrorist just from our mere belief.You talk about intolerance.But it is not just from this independent I heard this. I have heard that Rush (who does claim to be Christian, but his fruits expose him for what he is) had a similar reaction when he had on Jerry Falwell
or Billy Graham when they said that Jesus was the only way and Rush got indignant and thought that was  a biggoted statement. Oh there are so many that claim to be Christian that know nothing about God or His Word. I am talking about just the very basics of salvation. How dare these blasphemers take Christ’s name and oppose everything about Him. It would have been better for the likes of Rush to not have been born than to bring such reproach to His name.Man,it appears that we can’t go into the deeper things of God (except on our own) when we have to continually deal with the very basics of Christianity. People are either hopelessly stupid or jaded beyond all rational reasoning. How can anyone claim to be of Christ and not support what he says? What is the point? It is like
pretending to be a buddhist but knowing nothing about him. Names and labels have become so meaningless in this day and age. All those who embrace any other doctrine rejects the truth and is headed for eternal destruction. The gospel of Christ gets falsely labeled as just another religion when it is not religion,it is truth.In fact somewhere in the
Bible speaks of witchcraft as that old religion. People need to think about some of the songs that they mindlessly sing, like “GIVE ME THAT OLD TIME RELIGION”. That may very well be a song about witchcraft. This independent that I mentioned is a Jew, so it figures since most reject Christ. The Bible even says when it talks about to the jew first and then gentile is not only for positive but also negative too. The jew will be punished first, so the likes of this independent christ hating jew will will suffer before christians will.This is why the jihadists target jews before christians. It is the old Ishmael versus Isaac war. The terrorist intentions are to first take out Israel and then the USA.They are well to having their way if neither country repents. If God has no trouble punishing His own chosen people what makes these foolish hypocrites think that we are above God’s judgment? If the nazi holocaust happened to God’s chosen people then who do these prideful fools think they are that they are not going to suffer too? The church during the holocaust was a bunch of cowards and is why such a dreadful thing happened. The very same will happen in this country if the chrch don’t repent of all it’s lies and cowardice.If the church keeps on supporting this antichrist of a president then they will partake in his judgment!God will not keep on tolerating this arrogance and blasphemy from this idolatrous country. Patriotism in itself has become idolatrous because people worship this
country over God. I believe the Statue of Liberty is an american idol. Idiots that think they are free are more of a slave then ever. They are so full of fear (which God did not give us) of terrorism that they’d give up their freedoms. What a nation of morons and cowards that will get what it deserves. I heard about some of the debates when the candidates talked about 9/11 and Ron Paul responded by saying that we sort of brought it on ourselves, and boy all the locksteppers went crazy. Nobody is willing to repent so sure destruction is coming. If 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina didn’t change anybody then nothing will. I believe God is taking His hand of protection off this country when we have proud blasphemers that even come in Christ’s name and mock all that his word stands for, who among these has any hope of escape? While there seems to be a few candidates that seem to be good on immigration there is no mention of their stance on supporting Israel. If the church remains silent in supporting Israel they will bring on them the same curse as God promised Esther if she remained silent (Esther 4:14). One of the christian bands I like had a song a few years back call STATUE OF LIBERTY. This song brought up the idea that the statue of liberty is an american idol. That people worshipped freedom over God, like the scripture that says men will be lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Also was stating that man’s freedom was freedom to sin and that God’s freedom was freedom from
sin. God is not going to continue to put up with this americanism. Those that are truely Christ’s are His first. We do not belong to ourselves but to christ. Those in Christ do not belong to a country.This world as well as this country will pass away. America is not eternal, only God and His kingdom is!  

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