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Trinity Broadcasting Network Tries To Merge Islam And Christianity!

Posted by soldierservant on May 1, 2007

This link gives some of the information on what Trinity Broadcasting Network is trying to do in order to fleece Muslims in Arab nations. First, they allow a bunch of so – called Christians who reject Trinity to dominate their airwaves in order to make the religion more palatable to Muslims, who also reject Trinity. Then they kick off people like Hal Lindsey, Zola Leavitt, and others who take a hard line against the false religion. Now they trot out “missionaries” (almost always nonwhite) like “former Muslim” Jeremiah Cummings. When the Catholic Church started making overtures toward Islam some decades ago (and considering the long history of the Catholic Church’s supporting Islam out of their hatred for Jews) some people suggested that the “one world religion” that the anti – Christ and the false prophet would bring into the world would be some mixture of Islam and false Christianity. I do not know about that, but if it is to be the case, then TBN is clearly contributing to it from the Protestant perspective. Not only that, but where a great many preachers on TBN used to rail against Catholicism, TBN is now taking incremental steps to promote it. They show daily broadcasts from Father Michael Manning and the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen. TBN also regularly shows specials on Mother Teresa and the late Pope John Paul II. Now, TBN claims that their promotion of Catholicism is merely promoting “diversity”, “tolerance”, and “unity” within the Body of Christ, and that it is no different from doing the same for Messianic Judaism. That is a total lie, because though Messianic Jews still keep certain Jewish traditions (you can criticize their keeping Old Covenant things that were fulfilled by Jesus Christ if you want, but in doing so please remember that the vast majority of Christian traditions are man – made), their core beliefs are the same as fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity. If anything, Messianic Judaism is actually MORE Bible – based than many fundamentalist and evangelical Christian movements, and proof of that is how the evangelicals at TBN kicked Messianic Jew Zola Leavitt off their airwaves for calling Islam a false religion! I say that it is only a matter of time before TBN decides that what few remaining Christians that are willing to offend with the true gospel are not expedient to their ambitions for power and money, and will be kicked off their airwaves as well.

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