Be A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord

Service To Jesus Christ Is The Highest Calling

The Blinded Masses

Posted by soldierservant on April 21, 2007

The american church has seem to either be infected with mass deception or willful corruption. We are told by our religious leaders to support christian candidates but yet do not hold them to any standards.You have to look no further than President George W. Bush.We do have a standard by which we can hold them to,the bible. Jesus said that we would know them by their fruits and that a good tree does not bear bad fruit. Anyone with eyes to see and are familiar with God’s word knows that Bush’s fruit is evil.He betrays Israel by trying to force them to give up Judea,Samaria,and part of Jerusalem.The bible clearly states that any enemy of Israel is an enemy of God and God will curse all who curse Israel.Bush has proven to be an enemy of Israel and all those who still support Bush after knowing this have become one with the enemy.Light has no fellowship with darkness.No true christian will support a president that opposes God’s chosen people.Even most of the churches that claim to support Israel are oddly silent in pointing out Bush’s blasphemy.All you religious leaders out there that remain silent on Bush’s corruption are in danger of eternal damnation! God will not allow cowards into His kingdom.You had better repent before it is too late!There is plenty more proof of Bush’s corruption.Bush not only neglects christians from all over the world that are severely persecuted but also gives to the governments that do it.He is rewarding the persecuters.He has had chances to stop abortion but has not done it.He had the chance to support Ron Paul’s Sanctity Of Life bill that would have ended it once and for all but he refused to do so.He also hs been a part of the satanic Skull & Bones secret society as well as Council of Foreign Relations.He could have stopped the ACLU,the most antichristian organization,but he hasn’t.He lies about nearly everything.There is no real war on terror because Bush funds palestinian terrorist groups.Bush not only allows illegals into this country but rewards them.He is promoting chaos and lawlessness.In the bible the anticrist is described as a man of lawlessness.What more proof do you need that Bush is antichristian?What about the fact that he celebrates ramadan and says that the koran is inspired by God?There is also proof of God’s judgments from Bush’s policies.Every time he has betrayed Israel there have been extreme natural disasters.Hurricane Katrina is proof of that when he pressured Israel to leave Gaza.Those people suffered horribly.What excuse do any of the religious leaders have for remaining silent and still supporting this antichrist?The illegals that Bush has allowed in have taken more innocent lives than 9/11.Bush is guilty of shedding innocent blood (which is a national curse in the bible) of not only the aborted babies he could’ve stopped but also from all the illegals.He has taken the side of criminals over innocent people.Just like the two border patrol agents arrested for doing their job while he lets the drug dealer off.Bush has proven to be pure evil and those who continue to support him,even by your silence about his evil deeds,will partake in his ultimate judgment.GOD IS NOT MOCKED,YOU WILL SURELY REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN!BEWARE CHURCH AND REPENT NOW OR ULTIMATE JUDGMENT WILL COME ON AMERICA!

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